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John – Contemplating Amidst Entryways, the Second

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So it’s been awhile since you guys have heard from me. Yeah… sorry about that. Let’s see if we can make this a regular occurrence again. Anyway, I picked up a particular game a few weeks ago, namely Portal 2. I’ll do my best to tread lightly around spoilers, as I’m not certain if everyone who wants to play this game has yet.

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Herlock- GOTY 2010 Awards

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My hand is now feeling better enough to type with so I wanna get this done before I forget and this is all in  the back of  my mind. 2010 was big year for games, as usual they all came out towards the end of 2010 which is ok it just gets hard to play games and have been so busy with work and life and……… Continue reading

Herlock- Onimusha Games: A Series Overview

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This will be a quick review/overview  of all the Onimusha games 1- Dawn of Dreams,  these are not full reviews but, quick overviews to give you a taste of what to expect. I might do a full-blown review for these sometime down the road but, I want to get the word out about these games because Onimusha is one of my most favorite video series ever made. I shall start with the first and go on down from there. Continue reading

Herlock- Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Review

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I remember way back in the day when MK was the shit and everyone wanted to play it however, newer games in the series started to get really lame and it wasn’t until I made a crazy impulse purchase to find out that the MK series had a little life left in it.

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Herlock- Justice League Heroes Review

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As you guys know, I am a huge comic fan and I love the X-men Legends/Ultimate Alliance series of games but, are you tired of ridiculous game breaking bugs? Justice League Heroes is a similar game which had a lot going against it. For one, it came out towards the end of the Xbox life span and two, did not have 4 person support and lastly, it got very poor reviews. I don’t understand, the gameplay was fine my only real gripe was that you forced to use certain characters most of the time which is not that bad when you think about. Think of the times you play the Marvel games and you have heroes that never get used because no likes them hell, a few of my friends and I were playing some X-Men Legends 2 and we decided to use the lesser known guys. I picked Sunfire and Hojo Picked Toad, Miles and my other friend decided to stay as their favorites. It was pretty fun to find out that Sunfire and Toad are actually very powerful characters and we ended up beating the game with just those two. Continue reading

Covenant, and Ringworlds, and Super Soldiers, Oh My

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Wow. I’m actually making a post.

That aside, let’s talk about Halo.  The Halo series is a great series of first person shooters, in my opinion.  A lot of people seem to think that Halo revolutionized the first-person shooter, but I find this hard to understand.  Did Halo bring a new type of narrative to the table within the frame of the FPS genre? I’d say so. As far as I can recall, the Halo series was one of the first in the genre to really have full-on cutscenes that laid a groundwork for a decently complex story. While I don’t deny that there existed other games prior to Halo that attempted cutscenes in similar styles (Perfect Dark springs to mind), it seems that Bungie struck upon paydirt with their formula, as the series started off a great success and only grew from there.

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