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Herlock- GOTY 2010 Awards

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My hand is now feeling better enough to type with so I wanna get this done before I forget and this is all in  the back of  my mind. 2010 was big year for games, as usual they all came out towards the end of 2010 which is ok it just gets hard to play games and have been so busy with work and life and……… Continue reading


Herlock- Super Street Fighter IV- Vega Combos and Tricks

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In this brand new section I will list some of my favorite combos from various fighting games and characters. In this debut entry, I will be using Vega from Super Street Fighter IV

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Herlock- A look back at 2009

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Back in 2009 I made my List of the best games of the year now that I have played more games 2009 I would like to revise the list a little and look back on my decisions: Continue reading

Herlock- Street Fighter IV Review

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OK, it’s been about a year since this was released and I always wanted to do a very in-depth review since I have clocked in many hours both online and off I am now ready to let my feelings be heard.

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Herlock-Top Ten Fighting Game Characters of all time

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On my other Blog I made three separate posts about fighting game characters, in this post I shall put together my top favs from all.  Not all fighting games series will be represented sorry, there is just too many fighters and I only like so many of them I’ll try to keep it one per franchise but, I’m not promising anything. Continue reading

Street Fighter IV on Wii

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Only in your dreams……

Image by Herlock

Herlock- Overview of all the Vs. Capcom series games

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This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while since I am fighting game guy and this would be a really nice post so I’m going to get started now. Continue reading