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Herlock-Top Ten Fighting Game Characters of all time

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On my other Blog I made three separate posts about fighting game characters, in this post I shall put together my top favs from all.  Not all fighting games series will be represented sorry, there is just too many fighters and I only like so many of them I’ll try to keep it one per franchise but, I’m not promising anything. Continue reading


Herlock’s Hardware- Hori Gamecube pad

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Back in the day when I went to Game Stores regularly, I would find some pretty dope shit lying around however, I lucked out when I purchased the Hori game cube pad for 15 bucks only to find out it goes for 4 times that online.

The Hori Gamecube pad is one of my most favorite controllers of all time I used this sucker for anything I could (Resident Evil, both Megaman anniversaries and Soul Calibur II) and yes it looks like a SNES controller but, you could use it for more than just old games. This was the pad to get when I could find a stick for the cube to play SC II so I found one of these bad boys and I got lucky because as far as I know they are only sold in Japan and very hard to come by even over there. The main draw for me was the huge D-Pad, perfect for fighters and any game where a D-Pad would be much nicer. If you are willing to spend the money (A LOT OF MONEY) I highly recommend picking this thing especially if you’re into fighters.