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Herlock- Games that don’t actually suck- Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

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Debuting today is a new Retrospective series entitled “Games that don’t actually suck” Continue reading


Herlock- GOTY 2010 Awards

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My hand is now feeling better enough to type with so I wanna get this done before I forget and this is all in  the back of  my mind. 2010 was big year for games, as usual they all came out towards the end of 2010 which is ok it just gets hard to play games and have been so busy with work and life and……… Continue reading

John’s Top Picks of 2009

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Yes, I know this is a late post. No, I do NOT care.  Recently, Herlock posted his top 10 picks of 2009. I think top 10 lists are great and all, but I think I’ll just narrow it down to just a few games: one each on Wii, PS3, 360, DS, and PSP.

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Covenant, and Ringworlds, and Super Soldiers, Oh My

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Wow. I’m actually making a post.

That aside, let’s talk about Halo.  The Halo series is a great series of first person shooters, in my opinion.  A lot of people seem to think that Halo revolutionized the first-person shooter, but I find this hard to understand.  Did Halo bring a new type of narrative to the table within the frame of the FPS genre? I’d say so. As far as I can recall, the Halo series was one of the first in the genre to really have full-on cutscenes that laid a groundwork for a decently complex story. While I don’t deny that there existed other games prior to Halo that attempted cutscenes in similar styles (Perfect Dark springs to mind), it seems that Bungie struck upon paydirt with their formula, as the series started off a great success and only grew from there.

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