Herlock- Game of the Year stuff

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I’ve decided to do my end of the year list a little different this year, last year was a top ten this year will actually be something special.

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Herlock- Fuck Eco-Boxes

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In case you don’t know, Eco-boxes are new cases that games come in now they have less plastic on them so they degrade better oh, and one more thing Continue reading

Herlock- DmC Reboots with a new Dante and New Marvel vs Capcom 3 characters

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I know a lot of people are pissed but, I like this idea of rebooting DMC and I’ll tell you why. I’m gonna be serious now, DMC4 was not that great, it was fun while it lasted and actually introduced a new character who played very differently from Dante but, can we really keep milking this series what else can they do next? Continue reading

Herlock- Super Street Fighter IV- Vega Combos and Tricks

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In this brand new section I will list some of my favorite combos from various fighting games and characters. In this debut entry, I will be using Vega from Super Street Fighter IV

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Herlock- A look back at 2009

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Back in 2009 I made my List of the best games of the year now that I have played more games 2009 I would like to revise the list a little and look back on my decisions: Continue reading

Herlock- The update

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Since I have been gone, I’ve gotten a job, bought some games and that is really about it. I finally found a job somewhere in this economy, it’s ok, it’s a job whatever. The games I have been buying are mostly things I have wanted to get but, didn’t have a job at the time here’s a quick list: Continue reading

Herlock- Top 5 Favorite games of all time- #5 Borderlands

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