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Herlock’s Hardware- Hori Gamecube pad

Posted in Herlock's Hardware, Herlock's Writings with tags , , , , , on February 23, 2010 by herlock3rd

Back in the day when I went to Game Stores regularly, I would find some pretty dope shit lying around however, I lucked out when I purchased the Hori game cube pad for 15 bucks only to find out it goes for 4 times that online.

The Hori Gamecube pad is one of my most favorite controllers of all time I used this sucker for anything I could (Resident Evil, both Megaman anniversaries and Soul Calibur II) and yes it looks like a SNES controller but, you could use it for more than just old games. This was the pad to get when I could find a stick for the cube to play SC II so I found one of these bad boys and I got lucky because as far as I know they are only sold in Japan and very hard to come by even over there. The main draw for me was the huge D-Pad, perfect for fighters and any game where a D-Pad would be much nicer. If you are willing to spend the money (A LOT OF MONEY) I highly recommend picking this thing especially if you’re into fighters.


Herlock’s Hardware- Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Fightstick Review

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Time to take a look a some hardware, in these columns I will be looking at hardware for gaming. Don’t expect frequent updates to this area this is just a whim kinda thing…..any way.

You can’t by looking at it but, the TvC fight stick is an awesome game peripheral and if you have the cash and love fighters (or anygame that uses a stick) I highly recommend it. The parts used in this model or all Sanwa look-a-likes but, aren’t too bad, the stick is a little loose for my tastes. On the plus side it’s got a nice heavy base so it won’t be moving all over the place and the stick is EASILY customizable meaning you can swap out these parts for Sanwa Buttons and sticks but, I highly recommend giving the stock parts a try first before passing judgment. I would say the only set back would be the price, it really is for the collector who loves fighters but, if you got money to burn and you love your fighters on the wii this is the stick.