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Herlock- NRS, stop messing with Mortal Kombat

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This year marked the return of Mortal Kombat, with all the blood and guts intact. It has one the best story modes of any fighting game ever made and tons of in game content to keep anyone busy for hours or days. Being a big fighting game fan I really wanted to see where Mortal Kombat stood with the rest of them, since it was announced that it would be featured at EVO. Continue reading


Herlock- Fuck Eco-Boxes

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In case you don’t know, Eco-boxes are new cases that games come in now they have less plastic on them so they degrade better oh, and one more thing Continue reading

Ugh, the damn 360 is on the fritz again!

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Well, my 360 is dead again and this time it’s a video problem no, not the E74 error it just won’t show any video. Come on Microsoft, fix your shit my PS2 is still alive and kickin’ and that thing is almost a decade old and because of this bullshit all non-online multiplayer games shall be purchased on the PS3 (with the exception of fighters because I have friends who use PS3 pads). See what you did Microsoft, you turned me into a Sony Fanboy but, I have to go now and send my dead Xbox back to you guys since most of my games are on there (because you guys somehow get better versions of the multi-platform games which I find astounding consider the 360 is built like shit).

2.5-D, give me a break Fuck Face!!!!!

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So yeah, this is about the term 2.5-D, from What I hear it’s 3-D polygons on a 2-D plane. I’m sorry but, unless I can use the other half of that dimension it’s a FUCKING 2-D game! like when I’m playing Street Fighter IV I can’t slightly dodge for a quick sec. Let’s go over the basics real fast(slow) Tekken is a 3-D fighting game, I can move in a full circle around my opponent dodging his attacks in a full¬† 3-D. Now let’s take a game like Street Fighter 2 I can move back and forth in a 2-D plane. In Street Fighter 4¬† I can move back and forth in a 2-D plane, in case you don’t I just copy and pasted and only replaced the numbers of the games but, why s it that SF4 is 2.50 D? I’ll tell you why, 3-D character models. Is that it? of course! let’s look at other 2.5-D games. Shadow Complex 2-D plane looks 3-D can only go left and right. I would explain more but, that’s all I would even write and it would be stupid. So I’ll cut to the meat, Just because you put 3-D character models in your 2-D does make it 2.5-D. If someone was describing a game to me, let’s use Shadow Complex, all they would need to say is that it’s a 2-D side scroller in the style of Metroid, They don’t have to use the word 2.5-D it doesn’t add any thing to the gameplay it self and the game is no different with 3-D polygons on a 2-D style layout. Just because it looks different than other 2-D games doesn’t mean we have to come up with a new name what it really is is the next generation 2-D side scrollers.