Herlock- Herlock’s Top Games of 2011

Another year, another bunch of games 2011 was packed to the brim. Here’s what was good.

Best Action/Adventure Game- Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 was a great way to start off the year, everything was improved over the first in every aspect and has done a lot of work to establish a dead space universe full of back story and interesting tidbits.

Best Fighting Game- Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat my not be MY favorite game but it definitely deserves to be fighting game of the year with the amount of content for any range of player whether they be casual or tournament level. I should also add that Mortal Kombat has the best story of any fighting game.

Best Shooter Game- Resistance 3

I like modern day shooters I really do but I can really get behind a game like Resistance 3 it reminds me of half-life (having access to all weapons at once and health bars) it’s a refreshing change of pace to most shooters out now and can really throw you for a loop if you rush in guns a blazin’

Best Multi-Player Game- Dead Island

Despite it’s glitches Dead Island is some of the best times I have ever had with my friends on XBOX Live especially when everybody freaks out at the exact same time or when you completely ditch your friend while he is attacked by a never ending flow of zombies…….sorry Miles.

Best Story- Deus Ex: Human Revolution 

Deus Ex’s story is one that really made think a lot about trans humanism and the thought of when to we get to the point where we have no humanity thanks to our own doing. I should also add………what a great ending.

Best Voice Acting- Batman: Arkham City

To be quite honest there really was no bad voice acting this year. Batman was just above everyone else pretty much…..everyone was good and Troy Baker did Two-Face (my favorite Batman Villian) a lot of justice I hope Warner keeps him around for further Two Face jobs. Also showed the Nolan North has a great vocal range (He voiced The Penguin by the way)

Best Downloadable Game- Moon Diver

I love a game like Strider so I was all over this game once I worked up the courage to spend money on it. Even though it carries a big price tag if you have been aching for a new Strider this is about as close as we’ll get for now, plus it’s co-op.

2011’s Game Of The Year- Deus Ex: Human Revolution 

Most expect Skyrim or Arkham City, but Deus Ex really stuck with me throughout the year. I loved everything the story, setting and gameplay, all things nailed. If I had anything negative to say about this game it would be that the story doesn’t pick up until late in the game. So if you haven’t checked this one out please do so.


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