Herlock- NRS, stop messing with Mortal Kombat

This year marked the return of Mortal Kombat, with all the blood and guts intact. It has one the best story modes of any fighting game ever made and tons of in game content to keep anyone busy for hours or days. Being a big fighting game fan I really wanted to see where Mortal Kombat stood with the rest of them, since it was announced that it would be featured at EVO. When the game officially dropped I was amazed by the fighting system, it was part 2D, part 3D all juggling goodness and of course we all were looking for combos to use against our friends and even looked online for anything else people might have discovered. Anyways, I want to get right to the point. When I was at the PDP tourney at Las Vegas I was knocked out by Trophy Club’s Cyrax and he used the bomb trap on me and to my surprise I really wasn’t that mad, I saw it as a pretty legit but cheesy tactic.

Of course, I went home that day  replicated the bomb trap and decided to find flaws in it and while it didn’t have many it could still be beaten. Later I heard that NRS was patching it out, to which I thought maybe it could be nerfed a bit make so the grab can be broken like a normal grab or more frames to break and…….they ended up taking it out completely………..and still made his command grab (the start of his bomb trap) able to be broken in 10 frames (correct me if wrong) to which I thought “what was the point”. Really what was the point of nerfing the command grab if the bomb trap is gone anyway but whatever I got over it and just continued playing the game. I should also mention that the first MK patch was actually pretty good and fixed a lot of the bugs (Which NRS does do a pretty good job on, so bravo) so overall I wasn’t totally annoyed it only messed with a few things but it overall it was pretty good (though I’m still split on whether or not reptile deserved a severe damage but hey look at Chris G).

So I continued to play Mortal Kombat for the time being and continued to enjoy it……………and then it got a second balance patch, I thought once again are they fixing bugs or what? turns out it was yet another balance patch with them messing with characters. The only I’ll ever say that is broken in a fighting game is block strings like the one Kabal had and many others and I’m happy that NRS fixed those but as far as damage and combos they need to lay off. I’m sick of seeing really awesome combos that just get nerfed because some scrub called it cheap. Ok, I’m going to stop blabbing (for real this time) and get down to it I DON’T like that NRS (That’s Netherrealm Studios) patches this game as much as they do WHY? I like trying to figure out my why around stuff without developers fixing it for me so what if Kung Lao is broken start coming up with Anti Kung Lao strategies Kung Lao is good but we’ll never know if he was really broken since NRS patched him all up. That’s my ultimate gripe right now with NRS they don’t let things play out, Guy A will do a big fancy combo, Guy B (who is a big fucking scrub) will get pissed off and say it’s too cheap and needs to be patched and since scrubs feel they shouldn’t have to play a certain they will never get better and always lose but since NRS is patching things now it seems the scrubs might have their day. I still think NRS needs to patch game breaking bugs and glitches but as for the game and it’s combos I think NRS should consider a balance patch every 6 months at the earliest let stuff play out collect REAL feed back by letting it build up over time rather than the knee jerk reactions.

In closing, all this stuff is just my opinion but if guys think I might be wrong let me know and tell me why in the comments or if feel I should touch upon a certain topic I look forward to hearing your feed back. Thanks!


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