Herlock- I have to blog this.

I’m sorry I just can’t stay silent anymore, you MML fans are just ridiculous. I was upset when they cancelled MML3 as well but I got over it shit gets cancelled all the time is that really the only game you we’re looking forward to?  I’m not saying it’s wrong to be upset but when I hear about people wanting to hack Capcom or physically harm Capcom employees I start to think way would Capcom even give these guys a break? acting like horrible human beings because your game got cancelled and now you want other people to feel as bad a you? FUCK YOU, just because you can’t have your game I have to suffer? Get mad all you want just leave me out of it. To close it out, I really feel bad for you guys I do really but the more I hear what you guys plan to do it just makes me think why would Capcom care about you guys?


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