Herlock- Games that don’t actually suck- Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

Debuting today is a new Retrospective series entitled “Games that don’t actually suck”

With the new Mortal Kombat game on it’s way this is a game I’d like to shed some light on. Ever since it’s release MK vs DC has been the black sheep of all the MK games, hardcore fans dismiss it as a complete failure and most of the time act like it never exists. I’m known to be a lot less harsh when it comes to new and interesting ideas so of course I decided to check it out, I picked it up on release day and popped it in the PS3 and man…….it was a lot of fun. One thing to quickly notice is that this game unlike all MK games is rated T, why is that? Well, having the DC heroes die horrible and gory deaths is kinda not what WB wanted Boon and Co. to make because of one (two) reason(s) since kids as young as 13 will be playing this seeing Superman getting torn in half is not a very pretty sight (if it is to you, you are a very sick man) the other important reason is because you want your characters represented in the best way possible and seeing Batman’s ripped from his shoulders would not really do him any justice. I guess what I am trying to say is, Superman and Batman have been around for years and are loved by children and adults watching those characters die very graphic deaths can really mess you up if you have an attachment to that character, in Mortal Kombat we grew up watching those guys brutally kill each other so it’s really ok if they get fucked up.

The Reaction

When this game was announced a lot of people thought is fake, I did too, when it was officially announced I was very excited. The biggest thing about this game was that it had DC characters fighting MK characters, the second biggest thing was that it was going to have a T rating, with that Boon pretty much ripped a huge fart in a room full of people and ran, the fans were furious vowing to never to pick up this “trash” and already deemed the game unworthy while the very few understanding fans (Me and a couple of other guys) waited to see what was going to happen next. Up until it’s release there was nothing, but burning hatred for this game, it was unbelievable, I thought as far as gameplay was concerned it looked great if not, better than all previous MK’s, then I remembered I was on the internet and all people complained about was no blood, no purchase I felt that just because this game was bloodless (it had blood actually)  shouldn’t have an impact on gameplay what so ever, Once again the internet.

The Release

The game is finally out, I pop that sucker in the PS3 and boy…………it’s a lot of fun. It is the best of all the MK’s in the game play department by far, the story mode is kinda cool (the story is very so-so but, I’m not expecting Oscar quality screen writing) and you know what the main problem with the game is?…………….not enough fun extras, no cool alt costumes and no Krypt type deal with fun little extras. Other than that the game is pretty solid and I bet you’re wondering, ” How well did this game do?” Well I’ll tell ya, pretty damn good, It got some pretty damn solid reviews (7 and 8 style baby) it was one of Midways best selling titles since 2002 the game went on to sell 1.9 million units (not bad) and was Gamefly’s 6th most rented game of 2009.

My Thoughts

First thing have to get out of the way, people that tell me this game isn’t brutal, all I have to say is this

I’m pretty sure Sub-Zero is JUST FINE. One thing I have to say just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there, meaning that just because there isn’t any blood doesn’t make it any less violent.

Second off, no Marvel would have also not allowed their characters to be brutally murdered so stop saying “If they did Marvel it would be way better, Marvel would have allowed Midway to have extreme gore.” because honestly, and I try not to be mean when I wrote this little blogs, but you guys are very stupid and just blindly hate DC just because you like Marvel so shut the fuck up (please).

In conclusion, I’m happy the game sold well I thought Midway had a lot of guts to try something new and different, I hope to see a sequel sometime down the road using the new MK engine and more DC heroes than the first.



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