Herlock- Fuck Eco-Boxes

In case you don’t know, Eco-boxes are new cases that games come in now they have less plastic on them so they degrade better oh, and one more thing to fuck your discs up! I say they fuck your discs up because since there is no more stability where it holds your disc most of the time you pop it out it has a chance to crack the inner ring of your game. I work at a gamestop and a lot the times people trade in games there discs are cracked in the center and most of the time the game is in one of those awful Eco-boxes. I am very careful with my games especially ones with Eco-boxes and sadly one of my games (Enslaved) now has a fucking crack in the god damn center and it really pisses me off. Fuck the companies who use Eco-boxes and you know what? It IS a good thing that Eco-Boxes degrade easier because everytime I get one I’M THROWING IT THE FUCK AWAY!!!!!!

Fuck you Eco-Boxes and thank you for ruining all my games.


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