Herlock- DmC Reboots with a new Dante and New Marvel vs Capcom 3 characters

I know a lot of people are pissed but, I like this idea of rebooting DMC and I’ll tell you why. I’m gonna be serious now, DMC4 was not that great, it was fun while it lasted and actually introduced a new character who played very differently from Dante but, can we really keep milking this series what else can they do next?

Reasons DMC4 was good

-New Character

-Good combat system

Reasons it was bad

-Dante (I’ll explain)

-Stupid ass board games

-too many difficulties a lot of them dumb

After DMC4 what can you really do? Same characters new setting? What would Dante fight? Have another bad story?

Yeah, I know actions games don’t get a ton of praise for the story but, seriously you can’t just make 5 games all about fighting at some point you have to talk about it. DMC 3 was a prequel but, what the hell did that do to the back story really? It never really said much about Dante’s past (other than him being a huge cunt/tool) and then DMC 4 used the same Dante only he was a lot less of a tool (not by much). Another thing about Dante, HE’S TOO POWERFUL no really That’s the whole reason for Nero, Dante is just too good now. He just swoops in kills everything then leaves, never once is he in peril of being killed it’s like Golden age Superman it’s kinda “whatever” after a while you never really feel that Dante is in danger at any point in time. Back to Nero, Nero was a good thing that happened in DMC 4, one of the only reasons DMC4 had a little suspense because, of Nero being really weak compared to Dante but, we all eventually that they’ll just make Nero stupid powerful soon.

So with all that, this DmC reboot should be a nice breathe of fresh air to the series and like a lot of people  should you have to play this game before passing judgment. So what if it doesn’t look like Dante, it’s reboot he’s not suppose to look the same and if Ninja Theory (the developer) buckle under fan pressure and change the design back to old Dante I will lose some respect for them just as I did with Sucker Punch and the whole Infamous 2 thing( look it up)

Marvel vs Capcom 3 has announced many more characters since I last posted about it and so far this game is on the right track . Here are the characters who have shown some interest

Wesker- Looking good right now, super fast teleport reminds me of Zero so I’m sure Wesker might be a pro level character

Viewtiful Joe- admit it, VJ SUCKED in TvC the work you put in to be good with him is just not worth it in the end, they gave him and uppercut move and made his super ten times better with some better Defense to boot.

Thor- Dangerously powerful upclose with command throws that do monster damage keep this mother fucker away.

Super Skrull- Looking real good right can combo off his throw and has amazing reach and power I’m loving it (I got it at Ross)

Now for some characters that don’t really click with me yet,

X-23- Rush down characters seem to have it tough in a game like MvC3 don’t know how feel about her yet……….

Deadpool- he seems really funny to use but, I doubt we’ll see him in a lot of tourneys but, who knows

Chun-li- Can she still hang with the rest of the characters? Who knows MvC3 is way different so she might actually have a shot

Tron Bonne- She actully might be good, I just hate fighting her……..lol but, really will her old tatics work in this game?


2 Responses to “Herlock- DmC Reboots with a new Dante and New Marvel vs Capcom 3 characters”

  1. Glad to see I’m not the only one that cares about story in action games. RE5 to me didn’t do all that much storytelling either, though it sounds like DMC4 had even less. What’s the verdict on the series as a whole? Fond memories, fan of the series unobtained potential, or regrets of putting so many hour in? Though I guess with the new revamped DMC, it doesn’t matter. Could be sweet, I’ll check it out someday…cause I’m a cheap shit.

  2. Master of the Truth Says:

    Dante is a king. The way he kicked total ass in 4 was money.

    “DMC” will probably be fun stuff to play. I’m just gonna regard it as a whole separate thing, referring to it as “Slash Town” instead of “DMC”.

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