Herlock- Super Street Fighter IV- Vega Combos and Tricks

In this brand new section I will list some of my favorite combos from various fighting games and characters. In this debut entry, I will be using Vega from Super Street Fighter IV

Since combos require movement and I can’t figure out how to put in direction arrows I shall use these easy Shortcuts

U= Up

F= Forward

D= Down

B= Back

DF= Down Forward

DB= Down Back

SRK= even if the characters don’t have a Shoryuken move I will use the phrase “SRK motion” (Meaning Forward, Down and Down Forward)

QCF=Quarter Circle Forward or Hadoken motion (Down, Down Forward, Forward)

QCB= same as QCF but, reversed

HCF= Half Circle forward (meaning Back, DB, D, DF, F)

HCB= HCF reversed

FC= Full circle

LP= Light Punch or Jab

MP= Medium Punch or Straight

HP= Hard Punch or Fierce

LK= Light Kick or Short

MK= Medium Kick or Forward or MORTAL KOMBAT

HK= Heavy Kick or Roundhouse

Ok, Now let’s get to my Combo’s, I’ll start off easy

Combo #1

Level 3 Focus Attack, DF Hard Kick , EX Flying Barcelona, grab them on the way down while holding your Joystick towards them and pressing HP

Pretty basic, all you need to do is connect the Level 3 focus and don’t rush it, will charge his flying Barcelona while you are doing the step kick.

Combo #2

Jumping MK, Crouching MK, into EX Flying Barcelona grab them on the way down as in the first combo

This one isn’t too difficult either only the timing is a tad different but nothing stupid

Combo #3

Jump in deep with HP into another HP (make sure you are close so it’s the two move) link into Crouching MP then EX- Flying Barcelona (and the air grab as well)

This is a little tricky, first thing you wanna do is make the Jumping HP is late so that you are close to hitting the ground then you can go into the close version of the HP (Which is two hits) the tricky part is linking the HP to the Crouching MP the timing has to be precise so you can’t mash MP otherwise it won’t work.

I’ll add more combos in over time right now I wanna talk about good Vega movesand match ups

Standing HP- Great for poking and keep away

DF+MK- finally got a fucking overhead use this to mix it up with the turtles

Tick throw- this one is weird but, what it does is extend your characters throw range, for Vega doing his hop kick (DF+ HK) while doing his throw at the same time will extend his range

Now I wanna talk about Vega’s match ups

Good Match ups- In my Opinion, Vega’s best match ups are when he is fighting slow non-projectile guys Like Gief and Hakan if you want to work on your poke or Zoning game with your Claw these guys are great practice, just don’t get hit by either of those two (vega has low stamina)

Bad Match ups- Rush Down! RUSH DOWN! relentless Abel and Cammy players will make quick work of Vega since too many of his EX moves have no invincibility frames, so escape is futile, if you fight rush down players I recommend doing some Vega rush down of your own> You’ll probably die but, if they start controlling the match, it’s curtains for you.

Well, that will be it for me if you have any questions or suggestions on how I can make these combo blogs easier and of course, if you would like me to do a character please drop me a comment or message me on my backlog http://backloggery.com/capt_herlock

I’ll see you next time.


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