Herlock- The update

Since I have been gone, I’ve gotten a job, bought some games and that is really about it. I finally found a job somewhere in this economy, it’s ok, it’s a job whatever. The games I have been buying are mostly things I have wanted to get but, didn’t have a job at the time here’s a quick list:

Dragon Age: Origin’s- Awesome

The Saboteur- Liking it so far

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed– One of the worst games I have ever played within the past couple of years. FUCKING AWFUL CHECKPOINTS, cheap enemies, CHEAPER bosses, awful platforming and the fact that this game sold a lot of copies. Small things things to make this game ten times better:

Add a fucking ledge grab move- if I have to suffer some awful platforming at least give me a ledge grab move so falling off won’t make me wanna toss a controller.

Get rid of one hit knock down moves- Get rid of the enemies who only have one move which breaks your combo and knocks you on your ass and makes me cringe.

Make block actually fucking block something- Block only blocks one crappy move, a laser blast and pretty much nothing else, remove it or have block more things.

Give us some forgiving checkpoints- after a long fought battle only to be killed by a cheap ass rocket and starting at the very beginning of the fight really makes me impatient.

Blazblue: Continuum Shift- Not bad but, I really don’t like these kinds of fighters.

Tekken 6- What an awesome fighter, got me back into liking Tekken again.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine- Most awesome movie game ever, this my friends is how you make a Wolverine game, great job guys!

That’s really all I wanted to talk about for now. Here, enjoy this picture.

Closing a business deal to put me in MvC3, with the Superman shirt.


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