Herlock- Top 5 Favorite games of all time- #5 Borderlands

Yep, I know it just came out a year ago but, Borderlands is probably one of the best games ever developed within the past couple of years. It has a very original take on the FPS genre by dipping in some of the RPG elements (not too much but, just right). I would say that the one weakness in this game is the story but, if you’re playing this game for the story then you’re completely missing the point of this whole game. Yes, the story blows but, guess what I don’t give a shit I’m busy playing a fun game with a good sense of humor, (maybe the ending is a piece of shit for people who seem to want a story or maybe it’s a parody, which is no excuse) big open world and tons of guns (yes, tons). Like I said in the last post, play game, shut up about the story because this game is about killing anything that moves with with very funny pop culture references thrown in (and some that are so obscure you would have to be an English Teacher or Major). Now let’s go into detail real quick……….

This Game has a lot of guns- When they say they have a lot of guns (over 16 million) they have a lot of guns each of them all so different. For me that’s just awesome becauseĀ  think about this: You’re playing a game that just came out and you just got the most bad ass weapon and you call your friends “Dudes, I got the rocket launcher pistol!” and so did your friend and then his friend and then your sister, then it loses all coolness. In Borderlands, it’s rare for you and your friend to have the same gun ever, not once did any four of us playing have the exact same gun at once and no one had a gun that was better My gun had a better rate of fire, my friend Joe had a very powerful gun but, it was inaccurate and Miles had a sniper that great zoom. We all had guns for different situations in the game and another nice touch was that the guns differ in looks some more than others but, at least they have a different look which is something they didn’t need to do but, did anyway.

The best multi-player design ever- This game is awesome when is comes to multi-player, the more people you have the harder the game gets and the weapon drops are better and this also has the best drop-in/drop-out co-op ever. You’re just sitting there playing your game and you’re friend wants the play, just invite him and he joins in for a bit and then he has to leave and guess what, you didn’t have to stop what you were doing and make a party you just sit there and host while people come and go. Just awesome. Four player co-op is just great, having that many people means the game is going to get insanely crazy and you will die (a lot).

This game is funny- Nothing much to say here except that this game is really funny and has a great sense of humor and will often make fun of itself as well as having mountains of pop culture references shoved into it, good luck trying to find them all, there are times when a lot of it flies over my head and ones I would never catch in a million years. This game also has some really good voice acting. I love all the characters and the way they talk (ridiculous stereotypes) and for a game like this it actually has some really good writing which is a nice change of pace from the other games that claim to be funny by fucking with the game design (No More Heroes and Eat Lead: The return of Matt Hazard) this game is funny because the writing is good and the gameplay is amazing (that’s right GOOD gameplay and GOOD writing, blowin’ my mind).

As far as other things go, this is one game that I have played for hours on end discovering everything I can find and tearing apart the world of pandora just to find every last loot box hoping to find a badass weapon to kick ass with and the time I’ve spent with my friends, those are other moments that could fill pages so I’ll talk about it later. I should also point out that the controls are solid and funny enough, it’s the exact layout as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (?) which is a good thing (toggle crouch) and that is pretty much it I have nothing left to say about this game I might forget something but, I stated some big things already so if anything is left feel free to talk about in the comments or something. I’ll post number 4 in a day or two and until then see you later.


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