Herlock- Super Street Fighter IV (indepth) Review

Just to let people knew this review will be very long and very boring unless you like SF if you don’t well, this will be very boring…….so yeah, SSFIV is one of my most anticipated games of this year and no matter what it’ll  probably be on my top ten list at the end of this year it is however not without it’s faults.

The good parts of SSFIV are pretty simple, it has an enormous cast of characters from all over the series and at 40 dollars it’s a lot of bang for your buck. The original cast returns with assloads of tweaks and balance changes. The online features this time around are much better with Endless battle where you take turns fighting each other and team Battle where you and a few friends fight other groups of friends. Replays are also a nice addition as well too bad it doesn’t record offline matches (would have been tight). SSFIV also introduces 8 returning fighters from past games and 2 brand new ones:

Guy– Guy is one of the Final Fight boys and in SSFIV he is really hard to use, he has great normals and is very fast but, his stamina is low and don’t expect to land is Ultra a lot unless you’re in a corner. My tip for Guy, make sure to use his Bushin throw move excellent and has great mix up don’t abuse it though you can get fucked up and I highly recommend his ultra 2 over his ultra 1 mostly because you can usually get some crazy mix up shenanigans and land it.

Cody– Cody is another Fianl Fight guy (get it) he is from Alpha 3,  Cody is an excellent Beginner/intermediate character with great moves and an awesome ultra 1 that can be easily combo-ed from a lot of stuff. He also has many ways to get around fireballs which is a god send in this game. I would call Cody the swiss army knife of this game but, one problem remains, he has the worst anti- air move ever Roundhouse Ruffian Kick is total shit for anti air use this move only to set up your Ultra.

Adon– Originally from the first game he was playable in the alpha series, Adon is an advanced level character his set-ups can be difficult but, he has some great corner shenanigans and a really awesome Ultra (2 that is) never use Ultra 1 though it blows.

T Hawk– One of the the new warriors back from 2, T Hawk could be seen as Zangief but with more to do and for the most part you’re kinda correct. This guy is a beast and has a lot of ways to get in (mostly Condor Dive) with some dope ass ultra’s that actually have uses (both of them) and course just like in Super Turbo he does MONSTER DAMAGE!!!

Dudley– One of the 3rd Strikers, Dudley I believe is the best 3rd Striker because of the multiple ways to land his ultra 2. He does have a lot of useful combo’s however, his biggest downfall is that fact that he can easily be kept out(work on perfectly that duck move).He also has great stamina and packs a mean punch.

Makoto- probably one of the worst new characters right now mostly because her BnB(command throw) has been gimped which makes her a punish character more than aggressive. Her jabs are really slow which hurts her at the very least she has some amazing combo’s and can setup a super with her ultra for big damage. I recommend this one for High level players.

Ibuki– This one is all about speed and mixing it up so that she crosses you up with a kunai and comb-ing you to death. Her stamina is very low so make sure to keep moving and learn to utilize the Target combo’s, they are very important. Med- to high level players apply here.

Juri– Juri is brand new to SF,at the moment she seems to be very spammy and noobish, I still need to see more of this one in action before I can say anything.

Hakan- This guy is funny and dangerous, make sure to stay oiled up and use any move to get in the guy can be a real monster, I hope to see more of this guy is action.

The system is more of the system is still the same, just a few balance tweaks and frame changes. The online for the most part is changed for the better with new features and the ability to make a party. The online performance is still awful with tons of lag and dropped inputs and very weird grab frames that make no sense as far as everything else the features are what saves it (barely).  The new music is much nicer and far more bearable then “indestructible” but, the best part of it is the new remixed character themes and after turning them on you’ll hear the second player’s character theme which gives you 35 tracks right there not to mention the stage themselves have themes so there’s a lot of variety to be had during matches. One thing before I move on, The replay system, is bad ass if you kick the shit out of people you can show your friends by inviting them to watch other replays.

The arcade mode has been revamped a little as well, the bonus stages are back and some characters have new rivals. The new intros are not bad but, don’t expect quality animation since most of it is stills which luckily, doesn’t affect how the story is told in any way. The one thing that I notice is that the CPU for the characters are very cheesy and don’t even hide the fact that they are reading your controller and for some reason, Seth just seems easier to me, don’t know what it is……….

I will now talk about some of the drawbacks of this game:

Drawback #1: Grabs are too good– please change the frames on grabs I hate being grabbed constantly while doing a combo(using skill BTW) while the other player is just mashing grabs like a Jackass piece of shit.

Drawback #2: Input shortcuts– Capcom decided it would be cool to put shortcuts to moves in this game for casuals however, because of this you end up getting moves you don’t want. For example,  The SRK motion was always Forward, Down, Down-Forward it can now be shortcut-ed by mashing Down-Forward twice and because of this, instead of doing Ryu’s Jumping Fierce into SRK you can accidentally cancel into your super from Jumping Fierce if you move to fast. (thanks for punishing us fast players, I stick to charge characters anyway assholes at Capcom)

Drawback #3: No guard break– I don’t usually care if there is no guard break but, in this turtle fest we need something. It was fine in SF II because the matches ended fast and there were plenty of options to beat Turtles and Alpha and III had Guard meters. In this game, most moves don’t do a whole lot of damage and with no guard break these matches last forever and become very boring for the aggressive players like myself and yes I know how to punish turtles but, I don’t understand why everyone I fight is such a fucking Turtle doesn’t any one have an offensive bone in they’re body…..any one?

To close out the review, I will list my favorite Ultras from my favorite characters:

Balrog– Ultra 1: Violent Buffalo– Still one of the best ulta’s in the game and can be connected from a lot of stuff. [Herlock’s Choice]

Ultra 2: Dirty Bull– Does good stun but, it is hard to land and the damage is just not worth it.

Blanka– Ultra1: Lightning Cannonball– Can be an excellent counter move if timed right and still does amazing damage.

Ultra 2: Shout of Earth– Has a lot of good options if you’re fast enough and your opponent is predictable. Has 2 function’s on the fly, Punches is anti-air while kicks are anti-ground. [Herlock’s Choice]

M. Bison– Ultra 1: Nightmare Booster–  Great ultra and Can be combo-ed into from his Jumping Medium punch.

Ultra 2: Psycho Punisher– Amazing Ultra, one of the best in the game, great on counter hit and can be combo-ed the same way as Nightmare Booster. [Herlock’s Choice]

Rufus– Ultra 1: Space Opera Symphony– One of the best Ultra’s in the game can be combo-ed from too many things to list here. [Herlock’s Choice]

Ultra 2: Big Bang Typhoon– can be combo-ed pretty easily as well but, not from much sadly.

Here are a list of Good Ultra’s as well:

Chun-Li’s Kikoshou Ultra 2– more useful than her old one.

Cody’s Final Destruction Ultra 1– Can be Fadc-ed from Ex Zonk Knuckle and Hard Ruffian Kick.

Guile’s Sonic Hurricane Ultra 2– You must Jump over Guile to avoid this Ultra or else you get chipped

Guy’s Bushin Muso Renge Ultra 2– you can easily catch people off guard with this and it is an unblockable grab move, have fun.

Dudley’s Corkscrew Cross Ultra 2– Can be combo-ed into very well and has many set-up’s

Hakan’s Oil Combination Hold Ultra 2– Beats out a lot of stuff, can be very deadly

Well that’s it for me, show up every now and then I’ll show you how to do combo’s with your favorite character’s, I’m always open to requests if you wanna see a certain character’s combo’s If I don’t see any request I’ll just pick a character at random.


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  1. So apparently, Dee Jay doesn’t exist.

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