Herlock- Marvel vs Capcom 3 Dawg….. New characters

So yeah, I don’t know how many of you guys read Gameinformer but, it is hard to ignore the MvC3 images shown and the new characters confirmed (not shown confirmed). Dante form DMC (using the DMC3 model from what I hear) was mentioned and is confirmed it is also interesting to know that he was withheld from TvC so he could be in MvC3(sorry TvC fans). Now on the Marvel side we have everyone and their grandma’s favorite character Deadpool, one of the most interesting characters so far, if you spam teleport like jackass it’ll malfuntion and also has a move where he hits you with his lifebar (fourth wall and all that shit). His moveset should include all his weaponry as well. Back to the Capcom side, for you darkstalkers we finally have confirmed Felicia, a returning character, she should retain most of her old moveset with some new stuff(jiggle physics). On the subject of returning characters and one last Marvel reveal we have the legend, Captain America, nothing really new from what I hear and was hoping for Ultimate cap but, it doesn’t seem likely but, whatever he’s in all is good.

Now for the second part of this hype, the Game itself, from what I see it’s like TvC but, makes TvC look like ten years ago this game looks………amazing it just……..wow for a fighter……Jesus it looks amazing I wish I could scan these but I just don’t have the means at the moment but, trust me when I say imagine TvC but, with the full power of Next Gen consoles.

The last part I wanted to touch on is the controls. The thing that has me most concerned is the Universal Exchange button, from the looks of it it could the greatest thing ever or it could really fuck things up. the Exchange button allows for launching your opponent, however if you want you can slam him into the ground and set up a combo or use it to set up some nasty hyper combo’s. On the one hand, it sounds simple and on the other it could be complicated and unnecessary but, I have faith in Capcom to not fuck this up and while I think this is risky to change it up MvC is a series that could really use it. Also, for those who are wondering, 3 0n 3 is back along with assists (alpha, beta and Gamma) snapbacks and Hyper cancels.

So yeah, I just read about this and I really wanna get the story out for those who do not get game informer (this kinda shit has to be shared)


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