Herlock- Red Steel 2 Review

Ubisoft has decided to take a break from making shovelware and decided it’s about time they made an actual game that was good……and doesn’t suck. I want to make this clear that I have not played the first Red Steel game (mostly because everyone I know forcefully stops me from doing so) but, from what I hear this is suppose to be a completely different game so with out further stalling for time……..

Red Steel 2 takes place an a futuristic Western world with Samurai Gunslingers and Japanese Cowboys, you start off the game with your hands tied to a rope and the end of that rope is a man on a motorcycle (ya haw!) you’re pretty much dragged through most of the desert until one arm is free and you squeeze off a quick round to let that son of a bitch know you mean business. RS2 functions like a normal Wii FPS however, it does it much better, Shooting is easier thanks to the targeting system, which is nice when there is three to four people on the screen at once anymore than that and it tend to be unwieldy at times (luckily, it’s rare for there to be more than five people on the screen at once). The sword you get is very awesome and the Wii Motion plus makes it about as close as you can get to holding the real thing, swords fights are really fun and very involving (you gotta put all you have into heavy swings to do a lot of damage).

The story of RS2 is one of your typical revenge stories (which is fine) meaning that you’re going to be kicking a lot of ass and going through a lot of guys to get to the man who murdered the entire Kusagari Clan (leaving you as the only one left). One of my favorite things about this game is the art style and especially the look of the main character (reminds me of Vash the Stampede) who wears a very stylish red coat and red hat to match, it is also worth noting that the main character (they call him Hero) is Japanese which is most unusual for a game with a western setting and for one think that that is awesome (it’s rare to find really cool Japanese protagonist that aren’t Japanese Anime stereotypes, Great Job Ubisoft!). While this game is amazing and it’s nice to have a good Wii game that really makes me happy to own a Wii we have to talk about the bad things that hold this game back a bit (just a bit), one big problem (like I mentioned above) the targeting system is nice but, when there is too many enemies on screen it gets very annoying. One other important thing is that once you beat the game…….that’s it, no New Game+ I’m afraid (seriously, you beat the boss, credits role, that’s it) I was really hoping for a New Game+ type of deal but, once you beat the game you can either do challenges (which is just parts of the game put into a score attack mode) or start a new game.

In closing, RS2 is a nice breath of fresh air for a console that a lot of people (and I) like to kick to the curb and it’s games like RS2 that remind me why I still hang on to that Wii and this is still looking good for the Wii. If more good games like this come out for the Wii we might have to call this the year of the Wii…….maybe, I wanna see more good games.


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