Herlock- The House of the Dead: Overkill Review

Shhh! don’t tell no one but, this is actually a good game…….wait no! tell everyone! this is an awesome game and one of the only times I enjoy playing my Wii what with all the games about Fashion, Ponies, and all those girls games that fly off the shelf because parents are stupid and so are companies who think only thing girls should play is games about cooking why they just make a game about being a complete slave to your husband and be an obedient wife who never talks back……..

The House of the Dead: Overkill is based off the old Light-gun arcade classic House if the Dead and even features the main character(Agent G) of that game in Overkill as a rookie AMS agent partnered with a very foul-mouthed black guy named Issac Washington.The two men are enemies who decide to team up to take down they’re common enemy Papa Caesar, whi has supposedly cause the mutant outbreak. They are also joined by a stripper named Varla Guns (who has big guns…..ha) who is also out for revenge for the death of her brother. Since, the Wii can’t make jackshit look good there is this filter that makes the game look like a grindhouse movie which is not bad and very risky style which actually worked out much better than I thought it would. The Monster designs remind me of old HotD monster designs with a much needed gross factor (the enemies make me barf….in a good way). Also, with any Zombie game you can expect massive amounts of blood when blowing them up.

The gameplay is your standard Wii light gun affair, guide the cursor to who the thing that you wish is dead and fire. You go through several different levels and locales (a lot of them very grind house inspired) and kill the shit out of mutants(Don’t say the Z-word G hates that). I love the different variety in locations like the Carnival where you ride on the Haunted House ride while blowing away Zombies(while holding hands)  and the Swamps where you kill a Zombie trying to take a shit.

The Soundtrack of the game is great, it’s got some great off-beat music that makes you chuckle and go “seriously what?”This game has some great monster sounds (even the fucking main menu scared the shit out me, no really!)even if the monsters didn’t scare me when I finally saw them it made me shit my pants everytime they made a sound.The voice acting is actually really good for this kind of game and may be the only HotD to feature good voice acting (a series first). The actors themselves are very good, the two main characters play off each other so well it’s pretty much a fun buddy cop film, you just laugh and listen to the reactions of each character as they talk and try to get to know each other while trying to survive a Zombie(Mutant) outbreak and catch the culprit.

I really wished I had picked this game up when it came out(even though I had no money) I really wanted to pick it up. I was fortunate to be working and this game went on sale for 14.99 so I immediately picked it up and was very upset that missed out on this game for a a whole year, This is a game we need on the Wii, it’s nice to have something adult for once instead of Babie’s first fucking shitty diaper or Chicken Shoot. Sadly, I heard from Sega that they will stop makng M-Rated games for the Wii because of the low sales of this game and Many other M-Rated Sega games(The Condiut and Madworld) which is really sad because just when I thought I could keep my Wii around I once again question why I have it. However, we have the New Metroid and Sin and Punishment game along with the new Zelda so maybe there is hope for Nintendo this year and let’s hope those games kick ass.


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