Herlock on the Final Fantasy and JRPG’s

I was going to write some whole thing about FF games when really I have only beaten 7 and barely remember it, but I remember that Cloud really stood out which made me wanna finish 7 just so I could learn more about Cloud and by the end I wanted to see him succeed and kill the bad guy. After playing FF7, I wanted to play others, I ‘d get pretty far but, in the end I just bored so I take what I can from friends. The next interesting character I saw was Squall, just a real nervous piece of shit but, one thing I liked(and hated) about Squall when I really read up on him was that we kinda have a lot in common (never telling the girl we like her but, we really REALLY do) if only I was THAT good looking. The next one in line is Zidane, I like this guy he’s kind of a pimp always hitin’ on the babes (and some of the dudes, no one is safe) he has a very outgoing personality which is a great change of pace after Mopey and Mopey jr. Zidane is basically the pirate scoundrel like Sinbad or someone else who is a pirate and sexy (Han Solo) and is one of the stand out characters in the FF series. I would like to mention that I have not really played any of the older FF games (1-6) and don’t leave comments (you never do) saying maybe I should play them because I have and seriously all I can say is that FF is not my kind of RPG, I’d be better off reading a book since I think the characters are interesting. I should also note that it’s really mostly JRPG’s I have trouble playing not FF games (even action ones) even most western ones I tend to find boring but, I love a good story when I hear one.

Now I wanna talk about something that bugs me (as an outsider), when I hear people talk about FF games I usually get people that really love 7 but, if they hate 7 their favorite is ALWAYS 6 (like 99% of the time) what is so great about 6? Just seems like another FF game do you really like 6 or is it because 7 made FF so main stream you pick the last one that wasn’t so mainstream, whatever just tell me about in the comments if you give a shit. So yeah my series overview is more of what FF means to me which by the looks of things is not a whole lot but, that doesn’t mean I hate FF I just get so bored with Most RPGs and it’s not like I only played one RPG (Hojo can vouch) I’ve really tried playing a lot of RPG’s but, I just can’t get into them. This turned out to be more about JRPG’s then FF games,  I know some people will call me crazy but, it’s ok because I probably don’t give a shit what other people say I play the games I enjoy and if I didn’t find them interesting I out it aside and if I hate them I don’t play them so it would be:

Games I like: Action, Fighting, Adventure

Not interested: RPG’s

Hate: mostly anything else I didn’t list above (with a few exceptions)

That’s pretty much it I really have nothing more to say on this matter all I can say is just enjoy the games you love and don’t care what someone else says about your favorite game (crisis core people) oh man I just thought of something but, that’ll wait until I post again so be on the look out for: Shut the fuck and play your game, don’t worry what other people or reviewers say (I’ll make the title shorter).


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