Herlock- Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Review

It is so fun talking to people about this game and I really can’t wait until some DLC arrives because I have pretty much finished this and I still want to play more. I just finished playing a huge session trying to get some trophies (getting AAA on all missions will be a chore and finishing the last one at all will be a heartfelt trial).

Sonic & Sega All-Stars is Sumo Digital’s second game with a crap load of Sega characters and without playing the Sega Tennis this is my first Sumo Digital game, Sega put these guys on more projects. I have spent Countless hours messing around with S&SASR and the one thing I wanna talk about first is the racing. The racing in the game is by far the best I have ever played(yes, even better than Mario Kart GASP!). Nintendo dropped the ball with Mario Kart Wii and Sumo picked it up and showed them how it is done. Most of the weapons are similar to Mario Kart, with a few Items being fairly unique however, the best thing(that I love personally) is no Blue Shell type weapon, the worst possible thing you could even get is an all star move which gives yeah a boost but, isn’t much of a game breaker.  The Grand Prix races are pretty normal and don’t really stand out a whole lot so the only thing I can really say is that all of the tracks are very well done and the Music from the shop that you can select before the beginning has a great mix of tunes from Sega’s rich past (Theme of The Magician being one my personal favorites). The last thing about the racing that I’ll talk about is the drifting, this game probably has some of the most deep drifting mechanics in any game like this there is so much you can do by drifting and drifting is the key to winning and getting the top scores.

"His name is Ryo and he dances on the sand!"

I will now talk about the characters and Multi-player parts of the game. If Mario Kart wants to stay fresh, they need to rip off S&SASR when it comes to characters. This game is boasting so many characters from Sega’s past (including Ryo, from Shenmue) I hope the next Mario Kart is just called Mario and Nintendo All-Stars Racing because if they do, maybe we’ll see some Zelda and Star Fox show up for once in a Mario Kart game. The characters are just amazing not only do you have Opa-Opa(the space ship from Fantasy Zone) and Alex Kidd, it’s also packed with Virtua fighters (Akira and Jacky) along with Beat (Jet Set Radio) and B.D. Joe (Crazy Taxi), a very well rounded cast. I would say my only complaint in this cast would be the choice for the House of the Dead character, they couldn’t get G? As for the multiplayer function, you make a race and can have 4 friends join on 1 TV or play up to 8 people online. The online is great I played a few races and nothing seemed janky or laggy so overall a smooth experience. I decided to test out Split-Screen with a few friends Hojo and two Mario Kart buffs (Charles and Scott) just to get some outside reactions. Charles and Scott were pleased overall  but, were still pretty much backing Mario Kart which is fair, they’ve been playing Mario Kart since the beginning so naturally they would sway that way. Hojo likes a good game and since he has not been pleased by the last 2 Mario Kart games to come out he ended up finding a lot of things that Sega and Sumo had done well and making a balanced racing game(at least that’s what I got from him). Finally we all gave the battle system a spin and found it to be kinda easy and not a whole lot of fun but, we all agreed that Capture the Chao had some potential, overall I thought it was okay but, I don’t think Sumo spent much time with it.

On a final note, I would like to say that this is probably the first big surprise of this year, I wasn’t really expecting much when I played the demo but, I was very taken by surprise with this one. The awesome characters and drift mechanics not only let it hang with all the other kart racers but, I think that this game raises the bar and if Mario Kart is going to get me to like it again it’s going to have to take a look at S&SASR and take notes because THAT is how Next-Gen Kart racing is done. Also, I know you guys are saying that S&SASR is just a Mario Kart rip-off but, then again Mario did it first and know S&SASR is based on the same formula but, it gives it a Next-Gen boost and does things a little differently with Sumo digital pretty much making it it’s own and games are about competition, Alone in the Dark is one of the first Survival Horror games  but, it was Resident Evil that made it popular. So really what I’m saying is is that unless the next Mario Kart can up the ante I say that S&SASR is the new champ of arcade style racing.

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing is available on PS3, Xbox360, Wii, DS, and PC. This review was done using the PS3 version of the game, the only differences between the Versions is that Banjo- Kazooie and avatars  are in the 360 Version and Wii is sporting Mii’s. The PS3 Version has no exclusive character but, I hear is actually the best version of the game because Sumo was using the PS3 as the lead system.


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