Herlock- Street Fighter IV Review

OK, it’s been about a year since this was released and I always wanted to do a very in-depth review since I have clocked in many hours both online and off I am now ready to let my feelings be heard.

It’s been nearly 12 years since the release of the last Street Fighter game and with only HD Remix being the latest iteration, it is nice to finally have a brand new sequel to play. SF IV finally brings back all the old SF II characters(sans Dee Jay and T. Hawk) along with some fresh new faces(get to those in a minute) and the good old fashion 2-D of fighting which has been missing for a while. All the old characters have most of their combos still intact along with some new combos that you can make in training mode and another new feature The Focus Attack, when I saw this I thought “It’s just parrying but, shitty” little did I know the Focus Attacks did more then just absorb hits it also allows to cancel out of a move and continue with a another string of combos. One quick example, Let’s try the basic FADC combo for Ryu,  you would do Ryu’s Shoryuken, then Focus Attack Dash Cancel and since they are launched in the air and you are on the ground do Ryu’s ultra and if timed correctly they will land and get hit by the full ultra. If you still don’t understand or think I could explain it better drop me a line. Along with the Arcade characters they added console exclusive Characters like Fei-Long, Cammy, Gen, Rose, Dan,Sakura, Seth and Gouken, with Seth and Gouken being the only original characters added to the consoles (Seth only playable in the Console Versions rather than being a boss).

Ryu is back and ready for the kill(stun)

Now it’s time to talk about the new fighters, First off we have Abel a MMA type that has a lot of great grapples and very strong hits, never let this man get to close. Next up, is C. Viper on of the best pressure characters I have seen in a long time with amazing and super technical combos to boot, bottom line the only thing that keeps her from reaching the top is the low stamina rating. After that, one of my new faves Rufus, a big fat dude, with his own style of Kung-fu, Rufus is probably the most fun and probably the best character out of all the new characters in the game, in the end tons of links in into his powerful ultra make him a powerful force to be reckoned with. Last but, not least the very speedy El fuerte, I am not particularly fond of this character but, I have seen pros use him with such skill it gives me hope for him, Bottom line experts need only apply. Another thing I love in this game is the sound all the music sounds great and a lot of the remixed character themes aren’t bad however, some don’t sound the same at all and another cool feature is the ability to have certain voices in Japanese and have others in English. If you’re awesome and not lame You’ll always keep Seth, Cammy and Zangief in English because it just feels right.

Fei-Long, letting Sakura know that she is not welcome in my house

Now for the online part of the game, for the most part it’s not too bad but, when you actually start to know what you’re doing you’ll eventually see how shitty online really is. I will now list some reasons why online play can suck it: Dropped inputs, at times during a match there will be time when you have to pull a clutch move to save your ass on the fly however, in online matches don’t bother most of the time they just get dropped. Finally, the big one, Random bullshit seriously I hate being interrupted in the middle of my combo because for some reason online will let people who mash Shoryukens do their move and have it completely ignore the fact that I’m in the middle of the combo and hit me wanna know why? fucking lag! Fix it Capcom. You’ll also be surprised to know that the netcode is not the only shitty thing about online you’ll also notice that there are no lobbies, what the hell I can’t have a party? C’mon Capcom think you had this on HD Remix and another annoying thing, after finishing you match instead of looking for a new game it boots you the main online menu, why can’t I just stay in Ranked matches and search again? who knows. So overall, the online part just sucks and if you want a semi-decent match make sure you are hosting. Another quick gripe while I’m on it is the SRK short cuts, instead of the usual motion you can also mash the bottom corners making it easier for scrubs to mash them out.

Abel is letting Ryu know how the French do it......right in the balls.

To wrap this all up, I would say that this is one of my most favorite Street Fighters(right behind II) it really brings back the classic feel of the old games and adds something new and original at the same time. With Super Street Fighter IV on the rise I find myself playing playing this more and more as time goes on and I really wanna know how the new characters are and how they play as well as the old ones. Well, I think I pretty much covered everything I want I went over the new characters, online and the Focus Attack……..yeah that’s all I hope to see everyone when SSFIV comes out and hopefully they fix online……Later.

Street Fighter IV is on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC,  this review was done using the PS3 version of the game, there is no distinct differences in any version and they all play exactly the same.


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