Herlock- Street Fighter: A Series Overview

With Super Street Fighter IV coming out soon I wanna take a quick look and give my opinions on one of my most favorite gaming series of all time. With a lot of games to go through I’ll try to be brief and informative.

Street Fighter a.k.a Fighting Street– This game was kinda fun at the time you played as Ryu (or Ken if play on the 2p side) and fought your way through 4 countries Fighting Sagat as the Final Boss. In the arcades this game used Pressure sensitive pads  which wore out fast from all the pounding.

My Take: I never really played this a whole since I played it after II this is one differently worth skipping.

Characters: Playable- Ryu and Ken. Non-Playable:  From Japan: Retsu and Geki, United States: Joe and Mike, China: Lee and Gen, England: Eagle and Birdie and finally in Thailand: Adon and Sagat.

Super Street Fighter II/CE/ Turbo– This game had a lot of iterations so I will focus on this version which is the definitive Street Fighter II title. This is the big the first competitive fighting game and one reason to keep going to the arcades and wasting money. With this Version comes faster Gameplay, Super Combos and Akuma, the first hidden character in a SF game.

My Take: As kid growing up in the arcades this was my favorite game, My would go see a movie and leave me with a bunch of money to waste at the arcade and pretty much all my money went to Street Fighter II. Another fond memory was when I happened to be there when the man at the arcade was switching out SF II and I thought “Holy Crap no!” then I noticed the title was called Street Fighter II: Champion Edition. I was very curious, first thing I noticed right off, I COULD PLAY AS THE BOSS CHARACTERS, HELL YEAH. If every iteration I got more excited then, they would add 4 new Warriors Fei Long, Dee Jay, Cammy and T.Hawk. Dee Jay and Fei Long were dope, I never really got into T.Hawk or Cammy but, they were alright. I could go on forever but, I must move on.

Notable things: First time Combos are introduced, first time Super meters are introduced

New Characters:

World Warriors:Guile, Chun-li, Blanka, E. Honda, Dhalsim and Zangief

Champion Edition: Balrog, Sagat, M. Bison and Vega

New Warriors: Fei-Long, Dee Jay, Cammy and T. Hawk

(I should note now that next is SF III, Then I ‘ll cover Alpha and then the EX Series)

Street Fighter III/NG/2nd Impact/3rd Strike- Up next is the controversial SF III some either hate this game’s guts and other claim it’s the greatest SF game of all time but, I’ll save this for my take. In SF III, a brand new cast of characters is introduced along with a new story-line and a unique cast of characters.

My Take: I tend to take heat with my opinions on this game but, I stand by what I say I love SF III but, one thing I will always have a problem with is the lack of returning characters from SF II, say what you want but, only having RYU and Ken as the only returning characters is kinda lame and I was really hoping for more than just those guys with that said this is an awesome game with a great fighting system and excellent animation even by today’s standards. Another feature in this game is the parry system, while it’s cool for others I end up just blocking anyway Parries are just too much of a hassle to learn and rarely ever get them to work in my favor but, I’ve seen some amazing parries in some SF III matches so at least they have a use for some people.

Notable things: Parries of course, and selectable Super moves

New Characters:

New Generation: Alex, Dudley, Elena, Ibuki, Necro, Oro, Sean, Yun and Yang

2nd Impact: Akuma, Hugo and Urien

3rd Strike:Chun-Li, Makoto, Q, Remy and Twelve

Street Fighter Alpha/2/3- The Street Fighter Alpha series has always had a place in my heart but, I never had friends who wanted to play it we all ended up playing 2 or 3  and I would end up playing by myself. Alpha games are probably the most Offensive style fighting games  out there, Turtles need not apply, if you are a defensive style player have fun getting guard broken a lot. One cool feature I liked were the isms pretty much giving each character 3 different versions of themselves. Another cool thing is that Final Fight Characters were added to this game and Cody and Guy are awesome…..

Notable Things: Guard Break and isms that change the character drastically.

New Characters:

Alpha: Charlie, Guy, Sodom, Rose and Dan (Birdie and Adon show up but, were not listed because they’re not technically new)

Alpha 2: Rolento and Sakura (Gen as well but, once again wasin SF I first)

Alpha 3: Cody, Karin, R. Mika, Juni and Juli

Street Fighter EX/2/3- First 3-D Street Fighter game, still plays kinda 2-D my knowledge is limited but, I’ll do what I can. This game introduced a whole lot of crazy stuff EX1 and EX2 had a guard break system while in 3 it was replaced by a system where you gain meter to make an unblockable attack and the free for all mode that had four characters on one screen was kinda fun.

My Take: To be Honest I never really liked this particular series but, it has it’s fans. It wasn’t a bad game but, at the time I wanted a new 2-D Street Fighter and not a blocky weird version.

Notable Things: 3-D polygons and Tag Battles

New Characters:

EX: Hokuto, D. Dark, Pullum, C. Jack, Skullomania, Blair, Allen, Kairi and Darun

EX2:Sharon, Hayate, Shadowgeist, Nanase and Garuda

EX3: Ace, Area and Vulcano Russo

Well, That was my brief summary of the SF games, if you want me to review one of the games and go into much greater detail feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you immediately.

On a quick Side note I would also like to announce that I will be doing a Full Review of Street Fighter IV coming up within the week so be on the look out for that.


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