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Herlock- The House of the Dead: Overkill Review

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Shhh! don’t tell no one but, this is actually a good game…….wait no! tell everyone! this is an awesome game and one of the only times I enjoy playing my Wii what with all the games about Fashion, Ponies, and all those girls games that fly off the shelf because parents are stupid and so are companies who think only thing girls should play is games about cooking why they just make a game about being a complete slave to your husband and be an obedient wife who never talks back……..

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Herlock on the Final Fantasy and JRPG’s

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I was going to write some whole thing about FF games when really I have only beaten 7 and barely remember it, but I remember that Cloud really stood out which made me wanna Continue reading

Herlock- Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Review

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It is so fun talking to people about this game and I really can’t wait until some DLC arrives because I have pretty much finished this and I still want to play more. I just finished playing a huge session trying to get some trophies (getting AAA on all missions will be a chore and finishing the last one at all will be a heartfelt trial).

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John – Is the Tenth Time the Charm?

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It’s that time again. Time for another Mega Man game.  Mega Man 10 is following hot on the heels of Mega Man 9’s success, but how does it match up to its predecessor?  Well, I suppose it’s up to me to give you all a piece of my COMPLETELY UNBIASED OPINION (no, really, I’ll try my best here).

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Herlock- Street Fighter IV Review

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OK, it’s been about a year since this was released and I always wanted to do a very in-depth review since I have clocked in many hours both online and off I am now ready to let my feelings be heard.

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Herlock- Street Fighter: A Series Overview

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With Super Street Fighter IV coming out soon I wanna take a quick look and give my opinions on one of my most favorite gaming series of all time. With a lot of games to go through I’ll try to be brief and informative. Continue reading