Herlock- Onimusha Games: A Series Overview

This will be a quick review/overview  of all the Onimusha games 1- Dawn of Dreams,  these are not full reviews but, quick overviews to give you a taste of what to expect. I might do a full-blown review for these sometime down the road but, I want to get the word out about these games because Onimusha is one of my most favorite video series ever made. I shall start with the first and go on down from there.

Genma Onimusha-While this is also on the PS2, none of the actual story is different. Genma Onimusha is an expansion pack type version of the game with extra features over the PS2 version. It follows a young Samurai named Samanosuke Akechi, who is modeled after real life actor Takeshi Kaneshiro, trying to save Princess Yuki of the Saito clan from evil creatures called the Oni who have risen from the grave. With the help of Kaede, a Female ninja he must defeat Nobunaga Odawhile also searching for clues of the Princess’s whereabouts in the Inabayama Castle. As the game begins, Samanosuke in counters one of the Oni and is defeated in battle. He is then visited by the 12 gods of the Oni clan who give him the power to defeat the oni.

As you go through the castle you find clues and weapons to help you in your journey. One of the cool features of this game is when you kill an enemy you absorb there souls and use it to power up weapons and armor. You only have 3 weapons in this and each of them can be upgraded with souls the swords are: Raizan, a sword powered by lightening and is very fast, Enryuu, Sword powered by fire and is very powerful and Shippuu, a sword powered by wind and is double-sided. The combat is surprisingly for a game with tank controls and is actually pretty deep once you figure it out you’ll be killing enemies so fast you’ll wonder why you have been getting your ass kicked by them speaking of which…..

This is a Capcom game so as you expect this game is very difficult but, not impossible there is however one enemy that was added to the Xbox version that is unkillable and you must run (unless you had the Bishamon Sword) and you must make sure to find power jewels for health upgrades and on other thing…..upgrade your armor! I really like this game but, if I were to say one thing about it it is that the camera angles are a little annoying (only in some fights lucklynever any boss fights) and to some people the game is really short, you can beat it in about six hours but, to be honest I’m ok the with that amount of game time.

Onimusha 2 Samurai’s Destiny– Samurai’s Destiny takes place 11 years after the first Onimusha game and features a new main character by the name of Jubei Yagyu,who is modeled after the late actor, Yusaku Matsuda. In this game you are still trying to kill Nobunaga Oda and new to this game is the town where you can buy items for health or for people.It’s nice to have an area where things aren’t trying to kill you so you can relax. Another new feature, multiple playable characters, we can play as three other characters with all their different playstlyes and mechanics. The wepaons have also changed but, are still awesome there is more of them along with some new elements and armor upgrading is different where now you can upgrade just about any piece and another thing which people were excited about was that the game was much longer than the first. I’d have to say that this much better than the first one, it infused so much different stuff it felt like a new game and that’s what sequels should be about, adding something great to an already great formula.

Onimusha 3 Demon Siege– Demon Siege takes place 11 years after with Samanosuke as the main character once again, however this game adds a little twist the oni try to take over present day by invading 2004 Paris and the man in that time is Jacques Blanc, Modeled after real life actor Jean Reno, and time warp cause Blanc to warp to Feudal Japan 10 days before the start of the game with the Samanosuke from the games beginning being transported to Paris 2004. This game is way more action packed than it’s predecessors and it it so amazingly states in in the opening cinema basically setting the tone for the game. Samanosuke  gets some awesome new weapons while traveling through the game as well as Jacques who has a whip sword that can be used to get across gaps and you can even play as Jacques fiancée who wields all sorts of guns (meaning 3 different styles to play as). One thing I really loved about this game was the different control styles, if you liked the tank controls of the old gamesyou can use the D-pad for movement however if you want to use the new way to move, which is full 8-way movement then you use the analog stick. Another awesome feature in this game is when you have to give a character from a another time an item or do something which affects the present so the player can precede. This is another awesome edition to the Onimusha series, once again it adds new things to the mechanics making it fresh and making it feel like a new game.

Onimusha Dawn of Dreams– Dawn of Dreams is probably the most in-depth Onimusha game ever with a lot of things that are different, first off the story. This game takes place 15 years after the 3rd game after Nobunaga was finally defeated at the hands of Samanosuke and now a new lord, Toyotomi Hideyoshi has unified the lands ending the war however the oni return due to all the natural that have popped up int the lands. Ok, there is a lot of original stuff in this game, first off you now gain experience points and level up you also gain many weapons over the course of the game and they all be leveled up. Also, the ability to always have a partner with you is brand new and you can give them commands. Sometimes, there are things that only your partner can do so you need to use all of your allies to get through the game. Another new thing to this game is that your main character, Soki is not based on any actor he is the first main character to be an original design in the Onimusha series. This game is diffidently one you will spend a lot of time with mostly because you buy, upgrade and level up for each character and you will probably want to grind  a little in some areas. I would say this is probably the easiest Onimusha game mostly for all the different set ups you can have but, this is also the best Onimusha in my opinion and once again Capcom steps it up and adds all this new content making it fresh again and I must say this is a long game (2 PS2 discs)

Well, that was my overview of the series, it was a little bit long but, I wanted to get more info into these. As you can see I am a very big fan of Onimusha and if you would like for me to do a Full review of any of the games listed above drop me a line at the the comments section below and I’ll be more than happy to type one up.


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