Herlock- Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition Review(bonus Vergil mode review)

I like to mix it up around here, so when I started Playing DMC3 back when it came out I thought it was a pretty ok game. It played much faster than DMC2 and it took place before it (Capcom’s way of retconning stuff). However, when I beat it I just kinda forgot about it and never even remembered what I played.

I would later find the Special Edition used at a game store for pretty cheap and it had some cool features (Vergil mode) and I decided since I wanted to play DMC3 again I would just pick up the SE and play that version. Before I picked it up a friend of mine told me it was much easier the regular 3 and to be quite honest I thought the Original version of 3 was pretty fucking easy for a DMC game, I think DMC 1 is still the hardest game of the series,not counting the dumb 18 difficulty levels.

So now, instead of reviewing both games I will review the Special Edition of the game and quickly explain some of the differences. For starters, the game has been taken a notch down on all the difficulties and you have the option to have infinite continues along with some gameplay tweaks like better jump canceling for more aerial combos but, other than that it doesn’t change what I’m going for in this review. So the story of DMC3 takes place in the very beginning when Dante was a punk ass and was starting his Devil hunter business, a fight breaks out and the game starts. I say the only interesting thing about this game is that we get to see Vergil before what happened to him in DMC1 and I have to say he has a really cool design. The story of this game isn’t too bad either for a DMC game but, overall I say this is probably the worst DMC game of the series and NO it’s a terrible game but, this game is seriously overrated for such a by the book action game and before you go crazy allow me to explain. First off, we have Dante himself probably the worst version of the character I have ever seen, yeah he is young and a punk but, why the hell does he act like a frat boy? Did he go to college and join some Douche bag fraternity and where did he even learn to be such a dick? I wouldn’t know because I don’t know much about Dante’s life before 3 since it’s the first game. However, if you look a DMC1 he is more of a smart-ass with a sense of humor but, never goes arounf flying on rockets or says “WOO!” like a jack ass when dodging bullets. So I’m guessing in the time from DMC3 to DMC1 he stopped being a jackass which took about 5 years maybe? I don’t know. Bottomline: DMC3’s Dante needs to have his balls cut off.

Number 2: In DMC 1 the bosses were pretty awesome running from big and imposing to sleek and stylish and they all were they’re to stop Dante from completing his mission and finding out the bad man’s plan. In DMC3 the bosses are only there for Dante to make fun of and to get a new weapon and then never show up again (until we have to do the Capcom standard boss rush towards the end). In DMC 1, when a boss showed up it usually mean’t you have done something and they want you out of the picture meaning that most the bosses come to you. In DMC 3 you’re just walking around, go through a door and BOOM “oh know bosses!” (insert funny joke about them here followed by the fight then you have a knew weapon) “wait a sec is that why you guys were hanging around? So I can get some weapon?” “Pretty much Dante, see yeah in the boss rush!”. Another example is bat lady(can’t remember her name) oh and that creature that gives you Beowulf and then there are other bosses because one guy at Capcom said “Look, I got this worm thing can we put it in?” “Well” said Capcom “it’s to big to be regular enemy we’ll just make it some lame mini-boss right around *throws the dart* there….”  Bottomline: Bosses were just very mobile and powerful stones in which you had to break and get weapons.

Well, that’s the bad however, there is actually some good in this game you get to have a variety of weapons to mess around with some awesome(Beowulf, Gauntlet and boots for awesome Street Fighter style combos) and some stupid and dumb looking (Nevan, a guitar that shoots electric bats…..no really it’s true). You also get Dante’s standard Ebony and Ivory guns and the Shotty along with some new weapons like Kalina Ann a Bazooka with radial damage and for the first time in DMC3 a big ass rifle (Spiral).  If there was one thing that was great in this game overall it’s the introduction of Styles, wondering what does are? Allow me, the styles are there to add a nice new element to keep the DMC series fresh.There is a Swordmaster,Gunslinger, Trickster(agility and speed) and Royal Guard(Countering and Defense) each style brings a unique twist in combat and to get the full use out of them you must use all the styles to level them up. So for the combat side, DMC3 is very good in that it has a it of options. Bottomline: Combat gameplay is what keeps both of these games in my collection.

Last but, not least I would to draw your attention to the Camera system, the camera is great when roaming the outside areas but, for up close and personal areaswith lots of enemies it can be very troublesome. My friend had problems during the Angi and Rudra fight I however have never actually had a problem with the camera during that boss fight on either version of the game but, I had problems with the camera in other areas so it is still a problem.

So closing, I would like to say while it is a fun game (using the different styles and combat) some of the stuff in it is very by-the-book capcom (kill a guy get his weapon move on) along with a Very obnoxious Main Character (Dante). I say if your a huge DMC fan who does not own this and can stand Dante at his cunty-est then go ahead and add this to your collection. If you’re looking to get into DMC start with the first one and for those crazy people who like hard games play this game as well even though I still think DMC1 is harder. If you think DMC1 is harder or easier than 3 go ahead and leave a comment and we’ll discuss…..things.

Oh, wait, that’s right, I still want to talk about Vergil mode. In the Special Edition of DMC3 you have the option to play as Dante’s Brother Vergil, to unlock Vergil Mode you must do one of two things, either beat DMC3: SE or have a beaten save file on your regular edition copy. Lucky for me that I kept my old save and got to use Vergil right off the bat. First thing I’ll say is that Vergil plays NOTHING like Dante AT ALL. He is mostly an up close fighter with 3 different weapons to select from while playing, Yamato(Samurai sword the you see him holding throughout the game) ForceEdge( from DMC1 and also using in conjunction with Yamato) and BeoWulf(see the Beowulf description for Dante). He also wields a Projectile, which are just some blue swords that fly after you they suck at first but, one you upgrade them they become VERY useful in boss fights. I should also note that Vergil can only use one style which is like Trickster but, but a lot more useful (if you ask me). He plays the same story as Dante does and even goes as far as the fight himself (Red Palette swapped version of himself) and does not have any original cutscenes except for the two in the beginning other than that it’s pretty much copy/paste but, don’t let that get you down, he has a lot of original and fun moves that make the game feel pretty fresh even after beating with Dante. As an added bonus, since you play as Vergil you never have to hear Dante speak(hohohoho) later guys.

Since Dante is such a cunt in this game Vergil has one notch over him


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