Herlock-Top Ten Fighting Game Characters of all time

On my other Blog I made three separate posts about fighting game characters, in this post I shall put together my top favs from all.  Not all fighting games series will be represented sorry, there is just too many fighters and I only like so many of them I’ll try to keep it one per franchise but, I’m not promising anything.

10 Kazuya Mishima- Tekken– One thing I seriously like about Kaz was that he was such an asshole main character (which was new to me) and he was able to spread his evil demon seed to Jun which of course made Jin and now we have a big old family. I’m not normally a big fan of Tekken by the story of the Mishimas’ are always fun to watch. During Tekken 2 (I think) Kazuya was thrown into a Volcano(fuck!) but, survived thanks to his Devil gene (which can turn him into devil)

9Kage- Virtua Fighter– When it comes to dope ass Ninjas in fighters I always come back to Kage, cool look, awesome moves and was always a big part of the story. It was neat to have a ninja guy actually mean something to the story rather than being eye candy. His design my be simple and in turn he has one thing for the people who have hurt his family….death.

8Nightmare/Siegfried- Soul Calibur– I will lump these two together, man what a bad guy he used to be good now because of some fleshy sword he’s an ass. I always loved the design of Nightmare and his sword and how he was a big part in the story of Soul Calibur being the big baddie and the one everyone wants to kill while Sieg is actually a good guy he just went in to the wrong crowd, poor guy.

7 Sol Badguy- Guilty Gear– The man’s name is Sol Badguy for fucks sake, I love this guy, very stylish, smooth and awesome. He also has some pretty bad ass moves and he’s not letting anyone get in the way of…… whatever he was doing, not even that punk bitch Ky. Sol is actually a gear who is 150 years old but, you can’t it by looking at him.

6Sub-Zero/Scorpion- Mortal Kombat– This will be the final time I do a pairs thing, Mortal Kombat may not have the smoothest fighting engine around but, the characters are awesome and Subs and Scrop are the best MK has to offer. They are the Ryu and Ken of Mortal Kombat and also have such a deadly rivalry. Not even Death could stop Scorpion from killing the first Sub-Zero and Sub Zero s Brother would have to be the one to avenge him, I sure hope we see another MK game.

5Iori Yagami- King of Fighters ’95– It was either Kyo or this guy, and I’m afraid Iori is just cooler (maybe we’ll see him if I do top ten duos/rivalries) the story of Iori is nuts, born to hate kyo because of his Orochi blood which makes him go crazy and because of his tainted blood he has some wicked crazy powers he can bust out at any time. For an SNK character Iori doesn’t have a crazy fashion sense, he is just right. I would call him the bad guy but, Rugal takes that place very well. I do hope Iori isn’t gimped in the next KOF because boy oh boy……XII……..

4 Batsu- Rival Schools– I bet you’re wondering why Batsu is so damn high, well he’s just awesome. This guy is pure balls to the wall testosterone only hoping that he is brutal enough to beat the other guy up and his design is so simple it’s original. He is the “Ryu” of Rival Schools but, is such a crazy motherfucker he normally relates to someone like Ken except even more crazier.It’s nice to see Batsu back in action in Tatsunoko vs Capcom glad to have you back Batsu!

3M. Bison- Street Fighter II– Probably the dopest bad guy of all time, this man is pure evil using a power called Psycho Power (pretty evil I say). There is not a single good guy bone in this mans giant body and Killing this man is a feat, once he dies he just leaves and in habits another body (mostly Cammy or Rose, why women who knows) and will just build himself a new one. This man is so evil he has pissed pretty much half the cast of SF and when something bad happens Bison is always behind it. It is said that his body in Alpha 3 was the Superior body and his moves show it but, I prefer his SFII look more.

2Terry Bogard- Fatal Fury–  SNK fighting game with the main Character being American as Apple pie? Awesome! Terry Bogard is one dope looking cat and has probably the coolest look of all the SNK characters put together why? His look is simple, you don’t to look flashy to be cool. If there’s something you haven’t noticed yet it’s that all these characters have such a simple design, meaning the artist didn’t go nuts and make some queer looking thing (Ash Crimson). When you keep a design simple it allows to look at the character and his mannerisms more then his goofy outfit, just by looking a Terry I can tell that the boy is from the streets. Terry’s story revolves around revenge for his adoptive fathers death at the hands of Geese Howard and like a lot of characters in……..anything risks their lives for revenge and to become stronger and of course Terry never actually kills Geese Howard and even tries to save him the second time they fight but, like all bad guys Geese falls to his death. The Story has been told many times but, this was my first time seeing it in a fighting game and it really stuck with me.

1 Ryu- Street Fighter– The ultimate wanderer, Ryu travels the globe Searching for opponents to become stronger and find the man that called his master. Ryu is probably one of the most important characters in fighting game history, I would also say he is one of the the most important games even.  The First Street Fighter Had Ryu traveling to different places beating up the most powerful fighters and finally facing Sagat who nearly beaten him to a pulp and just when all seemed lost Ryu pulls out his Metsu Shoryuken out of desperation and finally defeats Sagat leaving the scar on his chest reminding Sagat of the defeat he had suffered and the hands of man half his size. Ryu also fights the fight inside of him, his style of fighting was mean’t to kill but, Ryu is a good man and would never kill anyone unless he had no choice and there are times where he might give in the dark hado and embrace his evil side. Even with all this torment Ryu still finds a way to live on and he has his friends Like Ken and Sakura to give him a little pep boost. Ryu has starred in just about every Capcom vs Game and all Street Fighters games he also make Cameo’s in non-fighters from time to but, if there’s a capcom fighting game Ryu will always be in it. Keep on keepin’ on Ryu down the road that eventually end in Tragedy or triumph.

Just a quick reminder: These characters, in my opinion, represent the best in all of fighting games and all of gaming they’re amazing designs and dramatic back stories show for it.


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  1. Awesome post, Herlock. 🙂

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