Herlock- Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Review

I remember way back in the day when MK was the shit and everyone wanted to play it however, newer games in the series started to get really lame and it wasn’t until I made a crazy impulse purchase to find out that the MK series had a little life left in it.

I’ll say this right off the bat, this game is the best with 2 players make sure you have someone to play with, it really helps. In MK: SM you play as Liu Kang and Kung Lao in a story line that takes place at the same time MK2 takes place (think of it as MK2: The adventure). I would say this game is a beat-em up with some Action/Adventure on the side along with an awesome and fun battle system their is also fatalities(MK duh).  As you beat the shit out of people the more moves you can unlock many of them being MK moves from the games before it and for fatalities in true Midway fashion you have to figure them out. On the Visuals, I say it looks pretty good but, the real awesome stuff is the levels you traverse. If you played MK1 or 2 you’ll definitely recognize a lot of  levels are based off the stages from those game (pretty much showing you where you have been fighting in those games). Bottom line, nice work on the stages Midway.

Liu Kang forcing people to know what size shoe he wears.

On the sound side, there is some pretty decent voice acting, nothing cringe worthy that I know of and a lot of the humor is there along with some awesome movie references (try to find my favorite) and cool cameos from a lot of your favorite MK characters from the universe. Liu Kang’s crazy Bruce lee  are in as well and the good ole fatality chime, other than that there really isn’t much to talk about. This game also has some awesome extras my favorite ones being Sub-Zero and Scorpion as unlockable characters as well as a full version of MK2 arcade (sweet) and the cool thing about Subs and Scrop is that hey each have their own move sets so it keeps the game fresh even after you have beaten it (My friend and I still have trouble against the last boss with Sub-Zero and Scorpion because Liu Kang is probably the only guy who makes the fight easy).

"Ugh, it's a dude."

"Ugh, it's a dude."

In closing, I say that MK: SM is a game that is best when played with 2 players but, it’s not too bad by yourself, however 2 players for most of these types of games is much funner anyway. I’m kinda upset that this game slipped under the radar for a lot of people, you really got to see behind the scenes of MK2 and what was going on the whole time while in MK2 all you did was beat the crap of the cheap computer. I was hoping this game would be the beginning of a series of story based MK Beat’em ups but, I guess this game didn’t do too well. If you’re a fan of Action/Adventure Beat’em ups I HIGHLY recommend this game.

This game is available on PS2 and Xbox. This Review was done on the Xbox version of the game.


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