Herlock- Justice League Heroes Review

As you guys know, I am a huge comic fan and I love the X-men Legends/Ultimate Alliance series of games but, are you tired of ridiculous game breaking bugs? Justice League Heroes is a similar game which had a lot going against it. For one, it came out towards the end of the Xbox life span and two, did not have 4 person support and lastly, it got very poor reviews. I don’t understand, the gameplay was fine my only real gripe was that you forced to use certain characters most of the time which is not that bad when you think about. Think of the times you play the Marvel games and you have heroes that never get used because no likes them hell, a few of my friends and I were playing some X-Men Legends 2 and we decided to use the lesser known guys. I picked Sunfire and Hojo Picked Toad, Miles and my other friend decided to stay as their favorites. It was pretty fun to find out that Sunfire and Toad are actually very powerful characters and we ended up beating the game with just those two.

Superman wonders where his Batman kite went.

Back to the review, in JLH you take control of all the popular DC Heroes, learning there special moves and finding out what works. One thing that works great in this game is the way you can pretty much customize any character down to the perks, you collect colored orbs while fighting and each one has a number, you can combine them to make a higher and each color represents an attribute. I’ll quickly explain how they are used, once you level up a perk it has an open slot, you can fill that slot with an orb, say you put an agility orb in one of the slots it makes the move faster and you where the rest is going. The game is a whole lot of fun but, it does have some flaws, it can be repetitive at times and the dungeon layouts can be pretty uninspiring but, you do get to visit a lot of interesting places like the JLA watch tower in space and………..actually that’s about it. The Super Heroes you can use is pretty awesome of course you have Bats, Supes, Flash, along with some unlockables like Green Arrow and Hal Jordan Green Lantern(Making it a total of 3 Green Lanterns, COME ON) as well as some costumes(Mullet Superman) that not only change the look but, the stats as well.

If you missed this game the first time around you should give it another look especially if you have had it with the Marvel games and you’re a big DC fan (like me) these games are still fun and I pray that somehow we can get a Sequel going.

Justice League Heroes is available on Xbox/PS2/DS/PSP, this reveiw was done using the Xbox version of the game.


One Response to “Herlock- Justice League Heroes Review”

  1. stuffgenious Says:

    I wouldn’t mind a sequel as well. But they would have to make the game more interesting all around. I’m with you on the many GL’s, guess they felt they had to please the many GL fanboys out there. Take my advice, try using the Unlimited Energy cheat you can find on gamefaqs. For me, it’s the only way I can stand playing it. Also, best character: Zatanna. What? I’m surrounded by 10 enemies? *ZAP* You’re all rabbits.

    I also did a Justice League Heroes review. If you ever get around to reading it, leave a comment.

    Thumbs up on Sunfire! And this review.

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