Herlock- Overview of all the Vs. Capcom series games

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while since I am fighting game guy and this would be a really nice post so I’m going to get started now.

X-Men vs Street Fighter:

X-Men vs Street Fighter was the first vs game and for it’s time it was a dream come true for me, Street Fighter and X-MEN! Holy Shit! but, of course it wouldn’t be until much later when I would be able to play an arcade version of the game so all I had was the crapped up Playstation version with missing frames and no tag teams and since most players would have to play on consoles it was pathetic and only the Saturn could play off arcade perfect play, however it was only sold in Japan……fuck. Of course, the only way you could do tag was the lame Crossover mode where you pick one guy and the computer mirror matches you…..fun.

Marvel Super-Heroes vs Street Fighter:

This one upped the ante a little bit however the playstation would strike again with it’s horrible RAM but, new characters would ease the pain a little but, not enough. Saturn of course would have a better version and as usual only be in Japan.

Marvel vs Capcom

Here we go! this is more like it it’s not just SF anymore this is CAPCOM even though some characters were taken out, this came out on the Dreamcast meaning arcade perfect port and no more crappy missing frames or crossover mode. This would be the last game to have traditional two person tag until TvC. This is probably my Favorite Versus game in the series considering I have so many memories attached to this game but, the next one…….

Marvel vs Capcom 2:

Man, this game, people still play this the first of the versus series to feature 3-on-3 tag and probably one of the deepest fighters of the versus series. Many people are turned off by infinite combos abuse by high level players but, I’ll you something, they are not easy to do and will eventually do no damage and as an unwritten rule high level players may noy want to do it, but not all them follow this rule. This also one of the games that America is dominant at over the Japanese.

Capcom vs SNK:

This would be the start of a more serious fighter. Notable things about this game is that it uses SNK style controls which isn’t bad, however the ratio system was kinda lame. In the ratio system some characters are rated higher and you only have a 4 slots Example: Ryu is a 2 and E. Honda is a 2 thats your team, then Geese would be a 3 and Blanka being a 1 as you can see , kind of annoying let’s get to the good one…..

Capcom vs SNK 2

Capcom is just known for upping the roster of fighters with every installment and this game is more proof with WAY more characters and now with a more reasonable tag system(ratio was still around) and Single character run through as well. This is one game that needs a PSN/XBLA release bad.

SVC Chaos:

I don’t want to spend too much time on this crap seek this game out at your own risk. This game just took too many liberties with Characters and was the only vs game developed by SNK who did not do a great job.

Author note: I’m skipping Tasunoko vs Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes because it was only in Japan and no one really needs to know much except re balancing and one character that was not in UAS.

Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars:

A game that was never going to come here but, the fans love was just too great and Capcom Busted their asses getting it here intact (sans one guy). This features many new gameplay mechanics such Mega Crush (think combo breaker) and also has Batsu from Rival Schools making his vs game Debut along with Frank West and Megaman X’s Zero. This game also uses a simple 4 button system consisting of Light Attack, Medium Attack, Heavy Attack and Partner. One of the hardest things to get about this game is the unknown set of characters on Tatsunoko’s side (some should actually know Karas and the gatachaman characters) most of the characters haven’t seen a US anime release but, this a new versus game not since MvC2 has there been a versus game as crazy as this one. So really in the end no one will care if they know a character fighting games fans just love to fight.

There is more info in these games than what I have posted above but, my main goal was to make people aware of the old games in case they were interested and wanted to know TvC’s roots as a versus game……That is all.


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