2.5-D, give me a break Fuck Face!!!!!

So yeah, this is about the term 2.5-D, from What I hear it’s 3-D polygons on a 2-D plane. I’m sorry but, unless I can use the other half of that dimension it’s a FUCKING 2-D game! like when I’m playing Street Fighter IV I can’t slightly dodge for a quick sec. Let’s go over the basics real fast(slow) Tekken is a 3-D fighting game, I can move in a full circle around my opponent dodging his attacks in a full  3-D. Now let’s take a game like Street Fighter 2 I can move back and forth in a 2-D plane. In Street Fighter 4  I can move back and forth in a 2-D plane, in case you don’t I just copy and pasted and only replaced the numbers of the games but, why s it that SF4 is 2.50 D? I’ll tell you why, 3-D character models. Is that it? of course! let’s look at other 2.5-D games. Shadow Complex 2-D plane looks 3-D can only go left and right. I would explain more but, that’s all I would even write and it would be stupid. So I’ll cut to the meat, Just because you put 3-D character models in your 2-D does make it 2.5-D. If someone was describing a game to me, let’s use Shadow Complex, all they would need to say is that it’s a 2-D side scroller in the style of Metroid, They don’t have to use the word 2.5-D it doesn’t add any thing to the gameplay it self and the game is no different with 3-D polygons on a 2-D style layout. Just because it looks different than other 2-D games doesn’t mean we have to come up with a new name what it really is is the next generation 2-D side scrollers.


One Response to “2.5-D, give me a break Fuck Face!!!!!”

  1. funny enough, i actually might describe Shadow Complex as 2.5D, due to the fact that while only move in 2 dimensions, however you do have to aim into the foreground and background. so while restricted to only 2 dimensions of movement, the 3rd dimension actually does come into play in the gameplay itself. thus making the actual gameplay itself only a fraction of the 3rd dimension. [too bad the fore/background aiming was shitty a lot of the time, and really should be taken out of any future sequels.]

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