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Herlock- Onimusha Games: A Series Overview

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This will be a quick review/overview  of all the Onimusha games 1- Dawn of Dreams,  these are not full reviews but, quick overviews to give you a taste of what to expect. I might do a full-blown review for these sometime down the road but, I want to get the word out about these games because Onimusha is one of my most favorite video series ever made. I shall start with the first and go on down from there. Continue reading


Herlock- Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition Review(bonus Vergil mode review)

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I like to mix it up around here, so when I started Playing DMC3 back when it came out I thought it was a pretty ok game. It played much faster than DMC2 and it took place before it (Capcom’s way of retconning stuff). However, when I beat it I just kinda forgot about it and never even remembered what I played.

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Herlock-Top Ten Fighting Game Characters of all time

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On my other Blog I made three separate posts about fighting game characters, in this post I shall put together my top favs from all.¬† Not all fighting games series will be represented sorry, there is just too many fighters and I only like so many of them I’ll try to keep it one per franchise but, I’m not promising anything. Continue reading

Herlock- Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Review

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I remember way back in the day when MK was the shit and everyone wanted to play it however, newer games in the series started to get really lame and it wasn’t until I made a crazy impulse purchase to find out that the MK series had a little life left in it.

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Street Fighter IV on Wii

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Only in your dreams……

Image by Herlock

Herlock’s Hardware- Hori Gamecube pad

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Back in the day when I went to Game Stores regularly, I would find some pretty dope shit lying around however, I lucked out when I purchased the Hori game cube pad for 15 bucks only to find out it goes for 4 times that online.

The Hori Gamecube pad is one of my most favorite controllers of all time I used this sucker for anything I could (Resident Evil, both Megaman anniversaries and Soul Calibur II) and yes it looks like a SNES controller but, you could use it for more than just old games. This was the pad to get when I could find a stick for the cube to play SC II so I found one of these bad boys and I got lucky because as far as I know they are only sold in Japan and very hard to come by even over there. The main draw for me was the huge D-Pad, perfect for fighters and any game where a D-Pad would be much nicer. If you are willing to spend the money (A LOT OF MONEY) I highly recommend picking this thing especially if you’re into fighters.

Ugh, the damn 360 is on the fritz again!

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Well, my 360 is dead again and this time it’s a video problem no, not the E74 error it just won’t show any video. Come on Microsoft, fix your shit my PS2 is still alive and kickin’ and that thing is almost a decade old and because of this bullshit all non-online multiplayer games shall be purchased on the PS3 (with the exception of fighters because I have friends who use PS3 pads). See what you did Microsoft, you turned me into a Sony Fanboy but, I have to go now and send my dead Xbox back to you guys since most of my games are on there (because you guys somehow get better versions of the multi-platform games which I find astounding consider the 360 is built like shit).