Herlock’s Top Ten Games of 2009

Now it’s time for the best games of 09. Since I actually played a lot of games this year I’ll have a Top Ten, honorable mentions and Disappointing games so I can fill up some space. As much as I want to make this post nice with screenshots and covers but, I wanna make this quick and painless so you don’t spend too much time reading.

10.Demon’s Souls- a kick ass throw back to old Western style RPG’s (Of course I’m gonna dig it)

9.Punch-Out!!- Combines the best parts of Punch-Out and Super Punch-Out and basically makes this the Best in the series

8.Uncharted 2: Among Thieves- Awesome action game, kinda like Die Hard but all around the world and just because this is number 8 in my spot
doesn’t mean it’s bad it’s in my countdown for god sakes.

7.Batman: Arkham Asylum- Finally, a game where I feel Like I really am Batman using all his gadgets. This is also one of the
first times you get to visit Arkham Island running around visiting cells of all of Batmans Villians and solving all the
Riddler Challenges. You should definitely play this game.

6.inFamous- This actually ranks pretty high because I’m a fan of comics and I love wielding super-powers, you can run around a giant city and save
people or you can be a huge Jerk and zap anyone that you don’t like.

5.The Beatles: Rock Band- Taking one of the Greatest bands ever and making a career retrospect in Rock Band form is a winning
combination and that’s all have to say, if you like Beatles and you like Rock Band this should be a no-brainer

4. Assassin’s Creed II- Oh my god, this game is so good and so much better than the first one it’s unbelieveable.
With so much more to do and Explore, not only does ACII make up for the first one it also is one of the best games out
there right now and I highly recommend picking it up if you like good games PERIOD!

3.Street Fighter IV- It’s about time! SFIV is seriously the best fighting game out right now with returning characters
as well as some newcomers that really make this game a treat. Capcom has gone back to the basics which means no parry for you
3rd Strike fans but, don’t worry in it’s place is the new Focus attack system which when you get into it is versatile
and you can spend hours just trying to put together combos.

2.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2- Basically a Hollywood Film in game form along with spectacular visuals and an awesome
campaign mode with many twists and turns along with Spec-ops and the online multi-player modes that will net you a few extra hours
of gameplay(if you think the campaign is short)

1.Borderlands- RPG Shooter game with crazy ass weapons and a dark sense of humor is my kinda game and with over a Million
(possibly Billion) different weapon combination, perks that range from amazing to awesome, class mods and a gigantic
landscape to ride around and do it all in. I had more fun in this then I had in any game I played this year with the co-op
and the new game plus I clocked in over 70 hours in this game and for that it’s gets my top spot.

Honorable mentions:

Shadow Complex- A game that borrows a lot from the old Metroidvania games but, is still a fresh title.

Tekken 6- it isn’t my most favorite fighter but, this game desrves mad props for keeping fightings fresh in the minds of
eager fans Thanks Tekken

Dissidia: Final Fantasy- FF fans wet dream and also a solid title.

MadWorld- Finally a Violent ass game for the Wii and a fun one I might add….

The Conduit- having some of the best controls is what saves it from being on the Disappointing moments, this is how
all wii shooters should control from now on.

Halo: ODST- I think this game was Probably the best in the Series besides Halo 1 and the story was told very well

Disappointing moments:

Resident Evil 5- I’m a huge RE fan I even loved RE4 but, the problem with this game is the lasting appeal, I like co-op but,
I hate AI partners If I wanna play this again I have to find someone or play with the A.I. I know this will make me sound
like a snob but, I wish RE never went mainstream (sorry)

King of Fighters XII- Come on SNK, why did you gimp everyone  I’m sorry I tried, but I just can’t like this game

Blazblue-Hopefully the next version fixes the balancing issues and but, in the end it’s really not my kind of fighter.


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