Herlock: Dissidia Final Fantasy- Read a review written by someone who has only beaten Final Fantasy VII

I decided to get Dissidia when a fellow backlogger of mine (Kasumi Blue) was selling it and knowing I was going to have to get a PSP soon anyway (Peace Walker) I decided I should check out this Dissidia: Final Fantasy. Crazy as it is I have only beaten the 7th installment of the Final fantasy series which is without a doubt the most popular of the whole series (Most popular, not BEST, fanboys…). I’ll start with the story, I still don’t quite understand it but, what I get from it was two gods having a dick waging contest and when the other god won, it got all sad and depressed. The truth is, the story is not that good but, to be honest, who cares everyone who picked up Dissidia did NOT pick it up for the story.

Zidane and Bartz

The gameplay is pretty awesome, it has a easy to pick up, hard to master feel to it which is great because you don’t have to go through an gauntlet of text to learn it, you just pick up, read the short tutorial and you’re done, seriously takes 10 seconds. For the Graphics, I give a high score for the fact that it looks like a PS2 game on the PSP seriously though, the game looks amazing and all the characters look amazing with some retaining their classic look along with Alternate costumes that range from awesome to come on, you can do better. As far as music goes, this game has an awesome soundtrack, I recognize all the 7 music and a few of the others and if I like it you know a huge FF nut will go crazy over this soundtrack. The voice acting is also amazing and every actor fits the character perfectly a few of my favorites that stand out are Chris Sabat as Garland, Steve Burton as Cloud and Keith David as Chaos.

When Zidane is away, Bartz will play

To wrap this up, anyone who is a Final Fantasy fan will like this, one of the reasons I like this is because it takes the one thing from Final Fantasy I like: the characters, and it pits them against each other in a fight to the death (kidding). One of the reasons I loved FF7 was because the characters felt so real to me and Cloud (to me) sticks out as one of my most favorite protagonists in video games, NOT just Final Fantasy. I would continue this discussion on the FF characters but, I’m afraid I’ll make some people angry so I’ll wait for now.


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