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Herlock: Dissidia Final Fantasy- Read a review written by someone who has only beaten Final Fantasy VII

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I decided to get Dissidia when a fellow backlogger of mine (Kasumi Blue) was selling it and knowing I was going to have to get a PSP soon anyway (Peace Walker) I decided I should check out this Dissidia: Final Fantasy. Crazy as it is I have only beaten the 7th installment of the Final fantasy series which is without a doubt the most popular of the whole series (Most popular, not BEST, fanboys…). I’ll start with the story, I still don’t quite understand it but, what I get from it was two gods having a dick waging contest and when the other god won, it got all sad and depressed. The truth is, the story is not that good but, to be honest, who cares everyone who picked up Dissidia did NOT pick it up for the story. Continue reading


Covenant, and Ringworlds, and Super Soldiers, Oh My

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Wow. I’m actually making a post.

That aside, let’s talk about Halo.  The Halo series is a great series of first person shooters, in my opinion.  A lot of people seem to think that Halo revolutionized the first-person shooter, but I find this hard to understand.  Did Halo bring a new type of narrative to the table within the frame of the FPS genre? I’d say so. As far as I can recall, the Halo series was one of the first in the genre to really have full-on cutscenes that laid a groundwork for a decently complex story. While I don’t deny that there existed other games prior to Halo that attempted cutscenes in similar styles (Perfect Dark springs to mind), it seems that Bungie struck upon paydirt with their formula, as the series started off a great success and only grew from there.

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