Herlock: Shadow Complex- A really awesome game. (Review)

Alright, it’s the first post for Two Guys Blogging and I want to talk about Shadow Complex. Shadow Complex is a game that takes a lot of things from from Metroid and post Symphony of the Night Castlevania’s and adds a little bit of it’s own thing to the Metroidvania Genre (I Promise not to use that word any more.)

Your main Character (voiced by Nolan North) is a guy who is in the wrong place at the wrong time but, he is equipped to handle the situation (because he was taught by his dad……..yeah) and must travel through the maze of this Shadowy Complex and find his kidnapped girlfriend.

Anyways, on to the gameplay, it plays like super Metroid but, with it’s own type of style. For example, Aiming is done with the right analog stick, which is very awesome. One other cool thing is that enemies in the background can be shot as well and a close quarters move that looks awesome when it zooms in up close. One other feature that is fun is a friend Leaderboard for just…………..whenever Kick the most robots, get the most headshots or beat up the most people it adds to a score and you get to see if you beat your friends score ah, the little things………..

On the closing, I would like to say that Shadow Complex was a game I was interested in when I first saw it, now it’s a game that is just too awesome and I want to play it all the time! If you played Super Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night to death do yourself a favor and buy this game right now it DOES NOT DISAPPOINT!


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